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Hi, I’m Linda J Wolff!

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I’m the author, founder, writer, and host for my new Cultivating Clam Within. As author and writer, I will be sharing my experiences with self-improvement and cultivating calm within you. Throughout each article I will show you how to make small changes the will reboot the brain, help you find inner peace, and live your life successfully.

These will be easy simple, proven ways in building good habits and transition your thoughts to breaking the bad ones.

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  • Podcast episodes that will help you find inner peace and answers.
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  • Facts and knowledge based blog posts to make you mentally strong
  • Daily advice to help you cultivate calm within you.


Emotional Challenges Series

In the emotional challenges series, I will be sharing stories about myself in coping, rethinking reactions, and how to practice in daily changes.

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Take Control Mentally Series

Here you will learn how to take control mentally by examples, stories, explanations, and more…

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The Dating Lifestyle Advice Column

In the dating lifestyle advice column, you will get your hands on insightful dating tips to help save you time and energy on choosing the right people to go out with. We all value our time, why waste it on a date and come home from it UN-Happy.

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Quotes to Feel Good

I love writing healing and life quotes. To tell you the truth, I enjoy lifting people’s spirit. Empowerment is an energy I live for, below are a few articles that might empower you.

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