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Self-Healing Poetry & Quotes for Ordinary People

#Self-Healing Poetry & Quotes for Ordinary People is about learning to embrace love and life in the sweetness of life and love, the challenges, the struggling, and everything else in between.

The poetry here speaks of our morality and how we can change our perspective to create a brighter outlook. The poetry brought in a narrative manner with each piece of poetry evoking and persuading a response of feeling and concept.

This book is about learning how to speak and act for fall love to ignite and grow — the right choices in speaking of respect, trust, and honesty. And know our choices don’t bind us. But through learning and understanding of our options. We can learn that our mistakes don’t define our reality.


Linda J Wolff

Project Duration:

3 Months

Book Origin:

USA, January 2020



“I opened the gateway to the realm of mentality, physicality, and spirituality looking inward beyond the past and history of myself.”From poet, life coach, and motivational speaker Linda J Wolff, Comes a collection of thought-provoking poems and musings that explores the transition of self-love to the depth of absolute love, the power in release of suffering, and the knowledge we find in freeing ourselves to grow in the version we were truly meant to be. “Introspective” serves as a guide to remind the reader that, growth, transition, and healing play a powerful role in freedom.