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Hi, I’m Linda J Wolff! I’m the founder, author, and narrator for Cultivating Calm Within! My goal is to help you think mental health awareness and raise your consciousness level in the quality your health and happiness.

Stillness is Power. Practicing Calm

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Linda J Wolff is the narrator for Cultivating Calm Within Podcast. In each episode, her voice will be heard through her experiences, hardships, you will hear her powerful stories of purpose, perseverance, painful trauma, and rape. How she learned to reboot her brain, find inner peace through forgiving and accepting change, and how she lives life successfully. She wants to help you raise consciousness in insight and wisdom.

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Here, you will find her powerful and insightful articles, from teaching you how to take control mentally to pushing yourself beyond resistance. Also advice and self-care to for a bad day to learning about inner child wounds that we carry from the past to the present.


  • Friday Affirmation: Energy

    In this post, Friday Affirmation: Energy. I will remember to seek the powerful energy inside my soul and empower my spirit to pass through the things that limit me. Some days, the sun will rise inside you and it’ll be because you drew upon its warmth to let go of the people or things that……

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  • Philosophy: Every Moment is Spoken For

    In today’s post; Every Moment is Spoken For: Philosophy. I ponder on those microseconds we fill with noise. Do we do this to avoid our truth? How can we want to throw away time like a candy wrapper that falls from our fingertips? Philosophy and Me I seek to understand the deeper meaning. It starts……

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  • Emotional Challenge #3: Stop Deflecting Pain

    In this post, Emotional Challenge #3: Stop Deflecting Pain. Start recognizing when you are suffering mentally or physically and stop deflecting instead of addressing how to resolve the pain. The Real Reason We Suffer is because we ignore or push down the pain deep inside of us instead of going to the source of the……

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  • Emotional Challenge #2: The Hardest Words To Express

    In today’s post, Emotional Challenge #2: The Hardest Words To Express. I want to share some points on being true to you. We have this innate idea that we might be selfish if we speak from the heart. Guess what! We have to step up for our mind, body, and soul and protect its alignment.……

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  • Awaken Quote: Speaking From the Heart

    In this post, Awaken Quote: Speaking From the Heart, I come from that place when people or certain persons make me feel invisible. Have you ever felt like that? I’m sure that you have and you know how that tends to make you feel unheard or disrespected. You have the power to protect your peace.”……

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  • The Dating Lifestyle: Masculinity Versus Femininity

    In this advice column post, The Dating Lifestyle: Masculinity Versus Femininity. Todays topic is about our roles as couples and how sometimes there’s more masculine traits then there are feminine traits. Meet Steven and Marcella, a couple that came to me for relationship advice after a breakup. Don’t make the same mistakes as them. Our……

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  • Emotional Challenges #1: Their Opinion. Your Opinion.

    In this insightful post, Emotional Challenges: Their Opinion. Your Opinion. I want to help YOU distinguish the difference between their opinion of you and your opinion of yourself. The hardest, emotional challenge is dealing with other people’s criticism. The Emotional Challenges of criticism. It’s challenging knowing how to react to criticism. It was something that……

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  • The Dating LifeStyle: Is Someone Wasting Your Time?

    In this post, The Dating LifeStyle: Is Someone Wasting Your Time?, I want to share love, light, and some dating lifestyle advice. Quality versus Quantity Dates Hello, beautiful intelligent souls! I hope this post finds you safe and well. Do you know that when we are born, inside us, we have this inate need for……

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  • Healing Quote: Cultivating Calm Within

    In today’s post, Life Quote: Cultivating Calm Within. We are like gardeners tending the soil of our souls, plucking at the weeds that try to overtake the fresh blooms of summer. Cultivating what? you might ask? Today, I am sharing examples of what might be relatable to your beautiful intelligent brains. When I imagine the……

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  • Willingness Versus Resentment Mentality Visualization

    Understanding the concept behind Willingness Versus Resentment Mentality requires one of practice, putting the work in through steps and forgiveness. It’s my passion for Cultivating Calm Within, it’s my compassion to help you understand what you are feeling through these emotions. More informational links. What emotions are hidden behind resentment? I don’t know about you,……

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  • Digital Detox Therapy: Unplug the Mind

    In this blog post, Digital Detox Therapy: Unplug the Mind. It’s not just children who need limited screen time. As adults, we are guilty of using too much time escaping into the tap, tap, tap delusion. Would you agree? Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of digital detox therapy and how unplugging the mind from……

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  • Awaken Quote: The Price of Time

    In this today’s post, Awaken Quote: The Price of Time. I reflect upon how much time I spent on the irrelevant things and how I have now changed. The price of time is expensive. The price of time is in the learning of the cost of immaturity. Immaturity refers to a lack of emotional, social,……

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  • Life Quote: Take Your Power Back

    In today’s blog post message, Life Quote: Take Your Power Back. I want to talk about what drain’s the strength of our power. I already know that you are wanting me to talk about this cultivating calm within topic. Sometimes, we just need someone to think and say it for us. Maybe, we might recognize……

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  • Self-Healers & The Magic of “I.”

    In this blog post, Self-Healers & The Magic of “I.” I’m gonna create magic in showing you how through learning, growing, and sharing, how I opened a void I had kept closed for so long. Maybe, you are at that place that I have passed through. That place where my inner peace now has a……

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  • Motivational Quote: Shadows and Light

    On this Saturday’s post, Motivational Quote: Shadows and Light. I have three words that come to my mind. Shadows, light, and variables. Did you know there’s a fine line that runs between the two? I have a feeling this quote will resonate with you. Shadows and light. She understands that both are necessary, yet, the……

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  • Take Control Mentally: Honesty Versus Excuses

    In today’s blog post, Take Control Mentally: Honesty Versus Excuses, I have a feeling you want life to be different for you, yet, your not sure how to level up. Let’s get real, let’s get honest. First and foremost: this post isn’t about blame or guilt. This blog post is about recognition. I’m feeling that……

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  • Life Quote: Reboot the Brain

    In today’s blog post, Life Quote: Reboot the Brain. I will share my story and how just reading this life quote in the image below brings happy tears to my eyes. See, I want to help you find inner peace and have you wake each morning with an energy that propels you forward in life.……

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  • Take Control Mentally #3: Your Fate is Not Fixed.

    In today’s third post of Take Control Mentally #3: Your Fate is Not Fixed. I want to go over two different kinds of mindsets. Do you or have you ever read the story of The Tortoise and The Hare? Remember the race, how the hare was this overconfident rabbit and the tortoise, he was as……

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  • Take Control Mentally #2: The Fear of Failure

    In today’s second post of Take Control Mentally #2: Seed by Seed. The Fear of Failure. I want to share the research and theories that I have come across that relates to practicing taking control mentally and how fear can trigger the I’m afraid of failure pattern. Linda J Wolff. Reboot the Brain. Find Inner……

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  • Taking Control Mentally; Seed by Seed

    Introduction: Taking Control Mentally; Seed by Seed, I suggest that you >>Subscribe to our Cultivating Calm Within Newsletter. Because in the next few blog post, I am going to cover the topic of Winning AT the Mental Game of Overcoming Fear and silencing it with the practice of planting seed by seed of mental clarity.……

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  • Pushing Yourself Beyond Resistance

    Today, we are going to talk about “Pushing Yourself Beyond Resistance.” Learning to pass through the buildup of habits, the self-doubt, and build this muscle of strength inside you. What is Resistance? Resistance can be a defiant stance in the mind , body, and soul. The dictionary explanation is ” a psychological defense mechanism where……

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  • Meeting Other’s Expectations: The Calm Truth

    In this insightful post, “Meeting Other’s Expectations: The Calm Truth.” I have learned that reality is a hard concept at times to accept. Yet, reality stares one in the face one too often… Why is it human instinct to fall back into old patterns or habits? There are times when meeting expectations is a part……

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  • Affirmation: Dream Big.

    In today’s post, “Affirmation: Dream Big.”, I will share some storytelling of my experiences and how I dreamed big and made life happen for me. It can for you as well. Are you ready to be inspired and motivated? Do People Think Small? Affirmation: Dream Big. The answer is yes. Let me share a story.……

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  • The Art of Self-Control: 5 Powerful Tips That Make You Deadly

    In today’s post, “The Art of Self-Control: 5 Powerful Tips That Make You Deadly“, I will share my experiences and the five practices I use daily. I will use these words or sentences to describe these five powerful tips in building authenticity and cultivating calm within YOU; [activity, action, attitude, alter your reality, art of……

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  • To Give Advice or To Pacify

    In today’s post, To Give Advice or To Pacify?, I want to share the difference between the two when it comes to helping someone process pain or loss.  One thing we can not perceive is how another human being suffers from trauma or a tragic event. Why? Because we each experience this trauma or a……

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  • Life Quote: Awaken

    In this post, Life Quote: Awaken, as an author, I like to share my story of what inspires me to write poetry and life quotes like this one. One that put me on this path to pursuing helping people find inner peace and teach them how to reboot the brain. Life Quote: Awaken Shall I……

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  • Self-Care Tips for a Bad Day

    In today’s article, Self-Care Tips for a Bad Day, I want to share some practices I use to find inner peace, especially when I am having a bad day. You see, I challenge myself every day. I do it because I don’t want to be the woman I was long ago. Self-Care Helped Me Recognize……

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  • Inner Child Wounds: The Lack of Affection

    In todays article, Inner Child Wounds: The Lack of Affection, I will share my story of being a child without the “I love You‘s” or hugs and kisses. I know what you might be thinking, “how is this possible?” It was believe me, and I will share how it triggered me as an adult too.……

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  • The 3 Warning Signs of Gaslighting

    Gaslighting can happen in any circumstance and in any relationship. In todays article, “The 3 Warning SIGNS of Gaslighting” you will learn what gaslighting is and how it can impact your day-to-day life, also I will share how we can react to it in cultivating calm within you. What is Gaslighting? Merriam Webster, defines gaslighting……

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  • Stillness is Power. Practicing Calm.

    In today’s blog post: Stillness is Power. Practicing Calm, I will share some thoughts about cultivating calm within you and how by doing so you can harness that power and energy to transform your life into one of inner peace and living successfully. What are the three levels of stillness? Each of these levels hold……

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  • Clarity: Ignite Your Light

    In today’s article: Clarity: Ignite Your Light. I want to talk about something we each carry within us. There is a powerful energy that refuses to be dimmed. Our light shouldn’t be dark. I remember last August, I had just moved to into a new home with significant other and my daughter. When the forest……

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3 Thoughts from Linda J. Wolff [ Cultivating Calm Within ]


Abandonment wound feels imminent danger or a spontaneous burst of joy. How to heal it and reboot the brain and find inner peace. Healing abandonment wound means you will create a space within for new responses, that will in time offer new results. 

You will practice cultivating calm within by learning self-soothing through exercise, walks in nature and listening to the peaceful sounds of birds, the wind, the ocean. Sit on a park bench and breathe in the scents of nature. Allow it to saturate within you to create an emotional safety space. Rethink: I am safe!


“If you want inner peace then you must practice kindness.

It’s hard to create peace unless you put the work into it with yourself and others, and it’s hard with others if you are not kind to yourself.


A phrase I think of often and is quite useful for me: I will always deliver kindness and love in every word I utter from my mouth.

Many words are wasted, and the energy used to speak them don’t have undertones of love or kindness.

Subscribe, p.s. there’s always warmth inside this room.

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