Showing Up For Self: The Day I Stopped Worrying About Them.

In, Showing Up for Self. The Day I Stopped Worrying About Them, was the day something spectacular happened to me. I became the warrior at the helm of my own ship. My own lifestyle and thoughts. This vessel that had only known so many painful experiences.

showing up for self

Some of my own choosing; others of how much I invested in others; how I committed too much of my amazing energy to them.

I look at my soul as if it were this immense, magnificent vessel. The ship’s wheel is the control for the course in which the ship moves; my mind performs this outstanding journey.

For a while, I was at a lost sea. The storms and turbulent waves would rock my world to and fro. I understand how easily one could lose themselves in a smartphone, if different ideologies. In other’s stories, and their traumatic experiences.

I understand how one can saturate themselves in the people who make you feel loved when you are not. In the falsehood of their own endeavors; their own suffering.

Amidst the storm; you are asked of something. How many times do want to fight the control’s of the waves? I have used to much resistance in holding onto the wheel with without instructions.

showing up for self

This time I will practice in the steering of this vessel I live in; I will hold space for learning, adapt my thinking of one who ebbs and flows with the waves of the water. With the waves of things I no longer want; no longer serves the purpose of this course in my journey.

I, the warrior, will understand what I must do to honor my authenticity, how to hold deep breaths for solidarity of mind, body, and soul. I will encapsulate a transparency of thought and transformation in the powerful energy i entrust in my meaningful quest.

It’s a mantra; an affirmation of my mornings. In the dusk; I ask myself if I’m showing up for life, for love of self and humanity.

I am in hopes that your are having a peaceful day! Sending love and light to all!


Linda J Wolff


  1. Amazing blog post Linda. I absolutely enjoyed reading it and yes in life, one needs to be there for self and believe in yourself first before others. Like the moon and sun🌅🙏

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