Poetry: a Gifted Capsule

In; Poetry: A Gifted Capsule. I will share a piece of poetry and my thoughts behind it.

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Poetry; a Gifted Capsule

Linda J Wolff

I am an observer.

Not a star gazer; although I do enjoy peering through a lens once in awhile.

I ask myself what brings them to this.

I, an observer, not one of judgement, but, curiosity.

What do they seek? When they display their naked body

in front of many; is it validation? Attention?

Do you not understand what you represent?

What you are saying to the world?

Do you understand this beautiful capsule that was gifted to you with a breath?

Poetry: a Gifted Capsule

I understand how you hurt and think the world might be your friend. Be cautious about what you share.

not everyone will understand the many storms you have walked through. Nor, will they get what you do.

I see a soul, whose foundation of life has changed. Seeking love and validation in all the wrong people; the wrong places. Believe me, I know. I was you!

I was you; because I didn’t know about the learning, the adaption, the change of days to come. How many days I practiced to love on myself and get to know every piece of myself all over again. To love all the pieces of me; to overcome and understand the woman I am today.

Being able to stand authentically and show vulnerability amidst the storms. I appreciate the vessel of this beautiful body and I will breathe light through every pore of my skin; through my soul.

Poetry: a Gifted Capsule


Linda J Wolff


  1. “This speaks to me,” was what was illuminating behind my eyes. As a man I busted laughing to, “to overcome and understand the woman I am today.”
    It wasn’t your fault. I had really let you into my head speaking as if I was you. That sentence snapped me back to reality and I laughed.

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