Discover You 365 Days a Year

In today’s post, Discover You 365 Days a Year. I get excited with this phrase, do you know why? Because, I have come to learn that my thoughts are evolving. Let me explain more…


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I have uncovered things about myself when I have open space for learning. You know, when you can lean back and ask yourself. “Why did I react like that? or Why did I say that? That’s not who I am.

That’s you evolving, that’s you leaning in that space of your thoughts and recognizing that you “Invited your soul to peace.”

To have discover this beautiful place of peace

is to ask yourself to remove the heaviness from your soul THAT YOU have carried its weight for quite some time. I could say that I did a deep cleaning, a forgiving inside the spiritual energy that lives inside me. Let me share a micro-poetry I wrote a day ago.

discover you now

The little micro-poetry, was me sitting in my brown chair in the living room, staring out at the beautiful morning that had graced my line of sight. It was a simple reminder that my life has undergone so much change.

The reason being, I chose to fulfill peace. It took step-by-step practice, day after day. The kind of practice where you notice how your soul is feeling. Whether it’s sadness or a longing to want more from life. See, it was a hard and valuable lesson that I had to put the work day after day, consistently. Life WASN’T gonna get better until I changed my perspective.

To discover you

is to allow forgiveness, learning, and love. To understand when people are cruel, it’s not up to you to react in the same likeness of their trauma and spirit. We are supposed to show grace.

My grace, condones beauty, kindness, and good fortune to all human beings.

I pray that day fills you with enlightenment…

XO, Linda J Wolff

Sending love and light!


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