Seeds and Hate: Holding Space for Forgiveness

In, Seeds and Hate: Holding Space for Forgiveness. As an author, I embrace sharing my experiences and stories. The good, bad, and ugly.

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seeds and hate

When I lived in Idaho twenty-five years ago, I resided in a place I considered heaven on earth. My former husband and I acquired sixty acres of untouched land. Together, we constructed a log home, pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into the project. They say that couples who build a home together might end up divorcing due to the challenges they face during each stage of construction.

From the foundation to the framework, to the roofing, and then on to the wiring, plumbing, drywall, and paint. Doing things together isn’t always a good thing.

I wish I had known what the five love languages were back then. Oh, how we were so immature in our youth. Today, our youth is fortunate to have the knowledge base that is offered on the internet and the mental health awareness that is available to us.

This information is the seed of knowledge: growing, learning, and finding inner peace through a mindset that has been rewired to a mindfulness-thinking mentality.

I remember back when I was helping my first husband build our home, I built several flower gardens: one with just roses and the other with perennials. However, there was something I always noticed throughout the spring and summer months — the weeds. Those darn weeds.

Do you know how quickly weeds can choke the beauty from a rose garden or perennial gardens? Weeds can spread so many seeds. The wind carries them and spreads them. There’s a term that farmers use (poisonous or choke out).

Hate does that as well. Racial hate. Gender hate. It’s like the weeds in the gardens I created. There’s a way to change it though.

This includes hearing slurs from all races, sexual innuendos from third-world countries, people who hide behind their phones here and on all my social media profiles. I’m pretty sure you have experienced this too.

When I call this behavior out, it’s me forgiving that person, also sending a direct message that says;

I am not sorry for holding boundaries so strong that my soul stays intact.

I am Linda Wolff

When we can breathe through those horrible words or actions and not absorb the intent of them through our pores, veins, or soul, we stand defiantly strong in our values and tranquility.

We forgive them and don’t get emotionally distracted and allow it to divert us from our purpose. We are driven by the true purpose of life.

Gardens are beautiful places to enjoy and people are too!

Sending love and life!


Linda J. Wolff


  1. When we forgive too easily, we have been manipulated by pickpockets and other thieves. This does not mean we must have focused revenge. Our system of laws does not encourage that. I have my own take on yours. I’ll quote a boss I worked for decades ago: do what you thinks is best. He has, allegedly, murdered his second wife. I feel badly about that. But he was angry, well before he ever knew her.

    • That’s a sad story. I know about people who are angry before you ever one foot into their lives. I forgave him. Yet, I chose to move on. I couldn’t saturate my whole life into his emotions he’s carried around like luggage.

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