Loving Acts of Service. Love Languages Explained.

In, Loving Acts of Service. Love Languages Explained. My sweetheart is a perfect example of a man who shows love through acts of service. His commitment is shown through action. I also understand that people are different in how they give and receive love.

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loving acts of service

Sometimes, I think we don’t know or recognize the things we do for one another or don’t do. Maybe, some of you don’t do anything for anyone else but yourself. I’ve known a few PEOPLE in my life that were like that. My father for one. Expected my mother to serve all his needs. I hear people complain about this a lot.

So, what are loving acts of service? Loving acts of service are actions done with kindness and care to help or support someone, a significant other for example, such as doing chores for them, running errands, or assisting with tasks they find challenging. 

Now, I need to ask you a question? In your relationship, do you reciprocate loving acts of service? Hmm, I can see the wheels spinning in your intelligent brains. What does she mean by this? What this means to me is that we invest or commit fifty percent of our actions to showing love and support to each other.

In my father and mothers case, both parents worked forty hours a week outside of the home. My father was a mechanic, my mother the bookkeeper or accountant of his business.

Yet, something was wrong. She wasn’t happy. Why? Because my father expected her to deliver on all his demands. She resented him for this. I want for all of you in a relationship to reflect upon this key point. Do you argue or yell and scream at one another? Angered because you feel unseen or unheard? Maybe, you feel invisible.

My mother felt that. I would hear her cry after my father would leave. It made my heart feel a deep empathy for her. But, as a child, you couldn’t speak and say dad: She just wants a bit of your attention, your affirmations of love. Tell her that what she does for you means so much to you!

Wow, why can’t people just think about that? Stop making your person feel like they don’t exist. They were born to be your slave or maid.

I have to brag about my Phillip. Because he was that man that did everything for the women in his past relationships. Yet, he got no respect, he felt resentment towards these women who didn’t value what he was giving them (loving acts of service.)

I understand and know how he feels. It was men who didn’t see the loving gift they had found in me. I gave and committed 100% acts of service. Yet, there were no affirmations of love or acts of service reciprocated.

If we don’t speak out when will feel this resentment. Then we are saying it is okay to be treated terribly. Now read this again. Communication can solve a lot of problems. Open your mouth, not in anger, mind you. But, in love towards how you want to be seen and heard.

loving acts of service

He gets up and makes coffee. I stroke his masculine energy with a “Wow, this coffee is so good, sweetheart.” “I love how you make it.”

If he is out running errands for us, he always communicates with me when he is arriving. I surprise him with a lunch made and ready cause I know he hasn’t had anything to eat.

We always say thank you! We compliment one another every day. In return this totally strengthens our relationship. We don’t scream or shout at one another and had people in our past relationships do that too much.

We both decided if we disagreed on a particular issue, sit down talk it out calmly and peacefully, we respect one another way too much to go to bed angry.

Loving acts of service is a 50/50 commitment we made to each other. Affirmations of love comes easy for both of us, because we were the one those in past relationship that were invisible.

They can foster a sense of appreciation, deepen emotional connection, and create a mutual understanding of support and partnership. By consistently engaging in acts of service, relationships can be nurtured and strengthened over time.

While acts of service can be a wonderful way to show love and support, there can be challenges. One challenge is if acts of service become one-sided, leading to an imbalance in the relationship.

It’s important to ensure that both partners contribute and appreciate each other’s efforts. Additionally, relying solely on acts of service may neglect other important aspects of a healthy relationship, such as open communication and emotional connection.

In conclusion; Look at your own relationships, maybe this article will bring up some aspects that might need changing.

Sending love and light


Linda J Wolff


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