The Inside Story of Your Soul; There’s Depth.

In, The Inside Story of Your Soul; There’s Depth. I always see it; it comes from being an empath. I swear the body is more honest than the spirit.

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inside story of the soul

The Body Talks & Shares the Inside Story

Have you listened to the whispers? Maybe nudges, they are pleas for help. From your stomach to your liver to your intestines. Lungs, or heart? The vital players keeping you alive. It’s distressing watching those who you love dismiss the little signals that all things are not well within the soul.

That’s deep! I can relate so well. Our bodies tell a different story of how the soul is truly fairing. You can smile at me with that fake smile like your are trying to pass off that everything is great with you, but, I know differently.

Our body is like our mind. When we feel attacked, some of us react in a bad way. If our soul isn’t at peace most of the time, our body will absorb the trauma and react giving you warning signals to change things up.

It’s always stressful for me when I see a family member going through a lot of health issues. You can’t give advice because it will be rejected. It will make the person feel attacked. This doesn’t make anyone feel good.

I remained friends with my ex. But, even before we broke it off, I could sense something was up with him, he was dropping weight REALLY fast. Dropped thirty pounds in a six week span, and going to the bathroom every thirty minutes.

I understood it was hard after our breakup. But, the relationship wasn’t good for either one of us, then the pandemic hit and things got worse for him. We still talked every other day. But, I could hear in his voice that he was depressed, his business was losing money. You can’t help people, but, you give suggestions and tools to work with.

inside story of the soul

We know we cannot control another person. Resentment occurs. Didn’t want that. I just wanted to help him get back on his feet as well as his business. I suggested him trying to get a hardship loan, it worked. He was able to get a sizable loan to get up and running successfully again.

he ignored the bodies warning signals and never got the medical help he needed. Right after his business started doing well. I got the distressing call.

His employees called me asking if I had a key to his home. Asked why? He wasn’t answering his door. Truck was still parked in the driveway of his place and his dog was barking loudly. I did have a key. He only wanted me to have it. He didn’t trust anyone else.

See, the inside story of a soul is you can’t conceal the hardship, the trauma from stress.

I went into his house, only to find his collapsed and perished body on the floor. Lying there in his pajamas, I couldn’t even cry. I was in shock because I am clairvoyant and for six months I had been dreaming about this day. It wasn’t just one dream, it was many dreams that I would find him just as I did.

Do you know how much it hurts knowing that this is going to happen? All I could do was suggest and encourage him to seek medical help. See, that’s what’s so hard; if they don’t listen or see that you still love them and care about them. That you want the best for them. And you cannot do a damn thing about it.

The inside story of the soul

even yourself you know when things are upsetting you or you are carrying to much baggage from the past. That’s why it vital to learn and practice of being aware and raising consciousness. Of cultivating calm within with inner peace. I don’t want my body to suffer or my spirit. I want to release any anxiousness or restlessness from me.

There’s no need to suffer. No need to carry the weight of the past. Self Love is understanding, forgiveness, free flowing and effortless.

Happy Friday, Beauties! Sending love and light from my house to yours!


Linda J Wolff


  1. I absolutely agree. I teach my daughter to always listen to her gut.Meaning her first reaction she feels within her body.There lyes your answers.

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