What is the Innate Object of Awareness?

In, What is the Innate Object of Awareness? How long does it take a person to notice? It doesn’t matter what color of choice or the size it is, it’s not like the elephant in the room. Who makes it noticeable?

awareness, the levels

Cambridge Dictionary Definition: (of a quality) which you are born with, or which is present naturally: Her writing expresses the innate beauty of the human spirit.

It was an intriguing theory to test, to see if anyone in my family would notice it, or, for that matter, even acknowledge it. With a refreshing aesthetic of green in the bay window, with small sprig starters encapsulated in crystal and water. The start to a new life, a new root system.

The most appropriate time to raise consciousness is me getting in my car and driving to the place that can drowns anxiety, a place where I can smell salt in the air. The place that draws the shoreline to my toes and an ocean waves whisper a lullaby or sometimes crashes upon one’s overthinking mind.

If anyone knows that you are frustrated, they’ll walk away, and soon pretending is the answer to everything. So sometimes, you do things like taking a dying plant, cut the greenest part of its existence. Put three pieces into separate crystal vases filled with distilled water. Just so you can imagine when you cut away the past. And with that maybe the present will form a new lifeline.

I mean, sure, I do ordinary things. Drink smoothies and love my morning coffee. I go for walks down along the sidewalk. I listen to all genre of music. Stuff like that makes me ordinary. And I feel ordinary too. Inside. But, I know ordinary people don’t think deeply about saving the world, most times it just about getting by.

When one finds themselves upon the operating table dying from a singular shot of anesthesia. Alone, despite that my soul was drifting above watching doctors scramble trying to necessitate life from you.

Maybe, it’s what brings me to testing theories of innate object of awareness? When it comes to awareness, there’s a perspective about opening space. There are levels. You can’t make them up. It’s a natural process the mind must step through. Time after time. Kinda like when you hear a whisper that’s saying to you that it isn’t your time to die. No one knows who the voice is that whispered those words to me.

I believe in testing theories of awareness too. It’s kind of like a spiritual awakening. Teaching your family about the small things in life. Teaching them to listen to the small child of intuition and our inner guidance.

Back to those three small, green sprig starters encapsulated in crystal and water that sit on the windowsill. I wanted to see how long it would take to see if the sprig starters would be noticed.

Things got in the way. I laugh at all the objects placed in front of it and around it. Other things distracted the objectivity too. Smart phones, the television set. I understand we are all guilty of being distracted to the point of oblivion. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. There’s so much photos, memes, video’s to take us from the real world.

I laughed this morning. I looked at the things placed around those crystal vases. Yet, nothing was even mentioned about this new natural life growing. Four days passed. No mentions or acknowledgment. I moved all the items placed around away. I wanted to watch how the past can change, adapt, and transform into a new plant form.

My family sitting at the kitchen table involved in the noise on their phones. I threw words into the air. “Did you see that pink elephant in the yard?” Old saying or tease. I know! Again, just uh hah!

I started laughing so hard and spontaneously, that I spilled my coffee on the floor. They both look up with question marks on their faces. I laughed even harder.

I would love to hear your story! Finally, after five days my daughter says; Mom, did you just create these fresh water green starters. I smiled.

Sending love and light to all of you!


Linda J Wolff


  1. Mindfulness is very important I agree with you, with that we need to learn the art of being a neutral unbiased viewer or audience of our own actions and thoughts,, that enhance our mindfulness, consciousness and acceptance

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