Survival: Living Beyond the Haze

In, Survival: Living Beyond the Haze. I can see how a soul that is not watered with the essence of life can get lost in world of obscurity. My philosophy into words.

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survival: living beyond the haze

In my state of Washington, just like any other state, disaster can strike at any moment. Forest fires started by one strike of lightening and my world is engulfed in smoke. Nothing to the degree as to what the survivors of Maui, Hawaii have endured. My empathy and compassion is at its highest point and my prayers go out to the families that have lost everything.

Up by Diablo dam near the Canadian border, lightening stuck a fierce blow, and the skies were filled with smoke for three days, and my lungs reacted like an angry cat that pounces on an innocent mouse hit with hunger pains. Respiratory conditions and Asthma wreaked havoc upon my body. My body still fights a battle within. I am not through this challenge.

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I take a closer look around me. At the beginning of summer, I bought different types of plants and flowers. They need my attention everyday. Nourishment of water and my TLC. Yet, I was not available to care for them, cause I was fighting for my very breath.

Today, was the first time I went out to assess the damage. Flower petals brown and the leaves wilted. With what energy I could surmise, I watered all the plants and flowers, praying that they will come back from the dead. With heat and the smoke, I don’t know if they will come back.

I came back inside from watering everything, I felt wilted and neglected too. Yet, after a nebulizer treatment and some food, I felt a little better. I went deep inside and made me think about survival, and how some are challenged. How they don’t have the skillset to overcome, to continue living. It remind me of the flowers and the plants and how we all need nurturing and companionship.

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I’m here to help people who face challenges and show them how to find joy in rediscovering the essence of their soul. We can cultivate a sense of calm and inner peace together.

After five days, I am still in recovery mode. My strength is coming back and my spirit fights the good fight.

Sending love and light!


Linda J Wolff


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