Embody Mindful Presence: Them or You?

In, Embody Mindful Presence: Them or You? We’ve been programmed since we drew upon our first breath to model behaviors from others and for others. Our parents for instance, other family members. Include teachers, outside influences too. Whether we know this or not.

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embody mindful presence

A sad thought for me. Children who are brought up in an environment of chaos, parents, grandparents, and so on, and so on. A lineage of hate, abuse, human trafficking, cruelty, drugs, and alcohol abuse. I look at the violence happening at this very moment, and it’s history repeating itself over and over.

A happy thought for me. My daughter walks into my office this morning to say the most sweetest words, the moment she’s finished dressing, making her bed, eating her breakfast. Also, finishing up on household chores that are a responsibility as a person who lives under the same roof as well as myself and my sweetheart.

Mind you she’s fifteen and a half years-old. “Mom; I’m so lucky to have a mother like you! My friends don’t have a mom that teaches accountability, respect, appreciation, and embodying mindful presence.” “I’m so lucky to have a mom that LOVES me.” What she does know is how many times I tell her thank you for partaking and being present. I also let her know every day through loving guidance that there are rules to live by. The rules of ethics, and that we can model a mindful way of being and living.

embody mindful presence

I know about the children born into chaos. Fifteen years ago, I opened my home to them, I chose to be a role model, a foster mom. See, I can’t judge anyone for the things that have happened throughout a persons life. But, I do know about how one can change and adapt over time through learning.

We were created an intelligent species. Not bound and prisoned to a specific lifestyle. We can change it at any given moment. For the past twenty years of my life, it’s been about transformation. My life has had it’s huge hardships, death of seventeen family, friends and associates.

See, I’ve had people say you don’t know what pain is, you have never lost anything, you don’t know what it is to have nothing or starve. Well, I would have to say that you haven’t lived a day of my life.

If, you can say that sexual abuse, losing loved one’s, my home burning to the ground, losing everything I ever worked for, rape, mental or physical abuse isn’t traumatic or painful. I might not know your experiences. But, beautiful, I know trauma. I know pain.

Despite our experiences, we can choose to model a mindful way of living. A cultivating calm within our spirit. Learning, practice, change and adaption equals to transformation of leading a stable, calm life of energy that helps us and others who are in our presence to feel secure and validated.

Yet, you might say! Linda, it’s not that easy. You are right, it is not, but through having a strong desire to want life to be stable and calm, it takes work, it takes practice and you wanting it so badly to feel inner peace and be your authentic self. So the choice is yours; Them or you? One thing you can count on from me is pure authenticity…

If you choose to model behavior for others, you choose to give UP A LOT. To give up values, self-acceptance, your joy and happiness. What we must ask ourselves? When do we want our happiness back?




  1. Inner peace can be enhanced in knowing that someone as knowledgeable as you about human psychology is taking an interest in my blog.

  2. This episode reminds me that because I wanted some inner peace with my marriage, it was not a good idea to have kids. Happily she agreed.

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