Seek Your Superpower. Open space for it.

In, Seek Your Superpower. I will share my philosophy and perspective. It is so easy to get lost in the chaos of your reality. Each one of us carries this superpower that can change this.

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seek your superpower

But, instead you choose to ignore it. I’m guilty of this at times. That little nudge is your superpower, some call it your intuition. Instead of leaning into it and following it through. We do quite the opposite and not trust our gut instincts.

What is inertia? Inertia is the tendency to resistance change in its motion or state of rest. Or its path. Let’s go back to that nudge, remember that was it telling us to listen to our gut instinct. That gut instinct saying; Hey, this is not a good choice it’s going to have consequences.

What your superpower is trying to do is seek and lean into your inner wisdom or spirit. We have been given the inane superpower of consciousness, the right or not a good choice.

This spirit will always be there for you. Sometimes, we don’t acknowledge our loyal faithful friend, we seek answers and validation outside of ourselves. Ultimately this can affect us making the right decision.

seek your superpower

Struggling with a situation I have no control over. An probate estate situation. I struggled with it so much my mind became over-active and I couldn’t sleep.

See, my mind wanted to control everything. This probate estate situation has been ongoing for over two and a half years. I’m seeking closure from this situation. Each day that passes is a continual reminder of the person I lost two and a half years ago.

Instead of seeking validation from others. I chose to lean into my superpower mind and weigh in on the fruition I was feeling that kept me awake all night.

Wrote a letter in a calm, resolving tone and stated my case. I journaled my thoughts with kindness and compassion and composed a letter that spoke of everything I felt. I visualized my words I wanted to say without being offensive, yet, deliver a message of concern.

When I think of the outcome I desire, it is to compel an action or response today from them. By doing this it put my mind at ease and at inner peace.

I hope when it comes to making decisions lean inward to your superpower.


Linda J Wolff


  1. I love this! Meditation on a regular basis is the big game changer for me.
    And this year, my goal is to have better handwriting in my journal. Writer slower in order to have better handwriting is calming. 🙂

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