Daily Pep Talk: Raising Consciousness

In, Daily Pep Talk: Raising Consciousness. I’m holding space for reasoning. Do you find yourself making a whole lot of something out of nothing. I’m referring to a lot of things here.

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raising consciousness

There are various models of stages of consciousness proposed by different philosophers, psychologists, and spiritual teachers. Here are a few examples:

I apologize for any confusion caused. Let me simplify my previous answer in the same language:

Zen Buddhism follows different stages of awareness: beginner’s mind, intermediate mind, advanced mind, and ultimate mind.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

The beginner’s mindset was me twenty years ago. Someone would say something in a critical or sarcastic way, and I would blow it out of proportion. Maybe you can relate to this too.

We can agree that it was kinda childish. Back then, I used to react to everything without thinking or using common sense. I didn’t really understand what it all meant.

Through the intermediate mind, I still struggled with concepts, obstacles, and doubts, yet, I have a deeper awareness of my own thoughts and emotions, and the level of abilities to observe them without getting caught up in my emotions.

I learned to navigate commitment to the practices of discipline and the need for more guidance and research. I believe we’ve had an explosion through social media of mental awareness, and self-care. Don’t you agree?

In the advanced mind, my stage of consciousness is more profound,I’ve created an environment of peace, one I use every morning. It starts with seven minutes of meditation. This stage of consciousness comes with profound sense of clarity and insight in the nature of my reality.

The beginning of this article, I wrote a phrase; I’m holding space for reasoning. I have found when I can reason with my emotions, there’s this amazing awareness, openness and energy that flows through my spirit. It’s a beautiful feeling and when you can teach this practice of inner peace, cultivating a calm within you. Your whole family and home feels like it’s in balance.

My fifteen year old daughter week to her natural birth mom’s for two weeks. It was so special to hear her say, mom, I miss you. I miss our quiet, drama free home.


Linda J Wolff

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