Daily Pep Talk: Learning to Disconnect and Recharge

In Daily Pep Talk #6: Learning to Disconnect and Recharge. I will open space inside me so that my soul can thrive. I will practice mental awareness by reducing my burnout time and increasing my happiness level.

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Daily Pep Talk : Mental Awareness

daily pep talk - mental health awareness

Learning & seeing the signs to disconnect

Something I first recognized that I needed to implement a step-by-step practice was my body giving me the signs that I was not okay. My state of emotional and mental exhaustion was showing. The fatigue and body aches and pains were relentless, my mood was irrational. This is called a state of burnout. No one likes to feel like this.

I made an oath to myself. “I will practice in reducing my burnout time and increase my happiness levels.”

These are 4 interventions of small changes I practice every day.

Three Positive Things.

Every morning I write down three positive things that happen the previous day. You can call these small wins or changes. Research shows that by implementing this practice your burnout or stress level decrease thus increasing your happiness levels.

Mini-Recess Time.

Two to three times a day I intentionally take a mini-recess, I work from home. Do you know what I do for my micro-break, I water my flowers. I timed it and it takes usually 15 to twenty minutes. There’s something about water and flowers that seem to break the cycle of stress. Do you do this? It’s amazing how much this really works. It actually rejuvenates me completely.

Gratitude journaling at the office.

Remember, I said; I work at home. Well, I have a spare bedroom I turned into a office. At the end of the day, I set aside five minutes to reflect and jot down what I am grateful for, a moment to embrace both the minor and significant aspects of my day. Do know what this does to for me? It helps structure my self-control and my outlook about work.

Transition Time

When I close my office up, that’s me saying, I’m done until tomorrow. Transition from work to family and home life. Make mental notes of things that you must do for tomorrow. This type of mental practice creates structure and peace at the same time. It’s me learning to disconnect from work and facilitate a recharge time from the stressors of the workday.

See, my well-being is a priority and my success counts on it. So, the rest of the evening is for family and building an environment that’s strong and flourishing.

There’s something that happens when I practice these steps. It’s like I am bubble wrapped in happiness and inner peace.

I want to let you know how much I value and appreciate your support every day. You are beautiful people!


Linda J Wolff

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