Daily Pep Talk: Separate Me From My Fear

In, Today’s Daily Pep Talk: Separate Me From My Fear. Learning to de-escalate the emotion of fear is a bit of an art, and it starts with you. A therapist can help, but it always comes back to you.

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daily pep talk

Our daily pep talk: Is fear an emotion?

Yes, fear is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant feeling of perceived danger or threat, often accompanied by physical sensations such as increased heart rate, sweating, and trembling.

But, how does oneself separate from fear itself? One, word. De-escalation. Learning to de-escalate our fear begins with the mental process of reasoning, asking yourself questions, and deploying determination to see it through. Or a phrase I like to use is “allow it to pass through you.”

Daily Pep Talk: Keep it from escalating.

I understand that every situation is unique of itself, so, we have to align our behavior in concordance to the specific circumstances. Learning how to use our breaths and stay centered and remain in our calm peace. We can influence the nonverbal of what others perceive and how their reactions will be.

Use your body to express calm and soften the tone of voice, ask yourself “Why am I feeling this emotion, what has happened to me that I am feeling fear. By self-talk in a lower tone of voice, our mind is able to validate the peacefulness. We then are able to reason with what might of happened and will validate that it did happen. Yet, we are okay!

Something brought you to feeling this fear, perhaps a build-up from the past or psychological issues. Whatever it might be; be empathic. Don’t sit in judgement of yourself. This is not the time nor place to make yourself feel that you are wronged for feeling this fear.

Self talk and tell yourself that self harmony is the objective here.

In silence, take a deep breath. Listen to your breathing and self-talk; Say, I am going to be okay, this will pass through me! Now, be mindful of your space you are in.

Your fear is to be acknowledged, and understood. Yet, not allowed to run rampaged through your mind, body, and spirit.

I am hoping that this finds you doing well! These little daily pep talks are just a little insightful to help you along throughout your day… Sending love and light!


Linda J Wolff

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