Discover You 365 Series #2: Timing is Everything

In todays topic, Discover You 365 Series : Time is Everything. Timing holds the key to your inner peace. I couldn’t understand what inner peace meant to me twenty years ago. Let me explain why…

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timing is everything

Understanding Timing is Everything

Timing holds the key to your inner peace and discovering more about yourself that you cannot be aware of. This was a hard concept for me to grasp right off. You might be questioning yourself about this. Twenty years ago, my mindset and spirit were not aligned.

How could it be, when I think back as to what was going on in my life at that time. I can reason with it.

My husband at that point of time was dying of Multiple Myeloma Stage Two bone cancer, add word dying when it correlates with the word terminal and raising my adopted daughter of five years-old. With these challenges, I also ran my husband’s asphalt paving business.

Understanding where you are at in the timing.

How can you even grasp the concept of inner peace when your mind, body, and soul is at war. The thing is I couldn’t. Because there was no peace at that time. The strains of the heavy burden I was carrying was immeasurable. I’m pretty sure you can relate this state of a chaotic environment.

Holding it together took every bit of my energy to be in many different places at one time.

Sometimes though, I drank, just so I could cope and be able to sleep. I think about that now and I don’t guilt-trip myself now for falling on the drinking, it’s was my survival to get by until things changed. Believe me it did.

Timing is everything and the discovering parts about myself.

A lot of people will mentally beat themselves up for this. I don’t. These experiences I’m grateful for, why, because it opened me up to discovering parts of myself I never knew at the time. Something, I found is I have this amazing energy of resilience. I didn’t quit when the timing challenged me for six years, it was time to go deep for that strength and hold on to it so tight.

Relied on my power in prayers and my inner strength. I didn’t quit or run away. There was a time, I had to step away and leave my husband. It was when his mental state of mind became violently abusive to myself and my five year old. That was the hardest decision to make. Yet, when physical and mental abuse falls upon your beautiful daughter. There’s some major decision making to do. That’s when I asked help from his family. They had separated themselves from his illness. I never felt to alone in this journey.

timing is everything

Thinking forward to now, I’m grateful. Those human experiences keep me humble and appreciative.

I’m sharing this reality with you because I have learned so much in this day-to-day journey, and I want to share my step-by-step progress in staying on point with your path. Something about discovering you 365 days series.

I want to help your find those beautiful pieces of you imperfectly perfect and how to recognize there’s a profound peace and harmony when your mind, body, and spirit align in conjunction with your life.

Self-acceptance is pivotal piece of my lifestyle, centering and focusing on the positive environment inside of my spirit and the impact of my value system on the world and those who align and support with my energy.

I want to say how much I value and appreciate the connections I have with you. It’s a gift with such significant meaning. Sending you all love and light!


Linda J Wolff

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