Discover You 365 Series #1: Sincerity Versus Sarcasm

In today’s post, Discover You Series : Sincerity Versus Sarcasm. I came across an Instagram post that a young woman had written the phrase “Sarcasm is my love language.” I thought to myself how can sarcasm be relatable to love? Let me explain this further…

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I take time to reach out and engage with people. I like having my own opinion too. My inner peace opinion. See, when I read that post caption, I had to respond with honesty. I said; “I don’t like sarcasm.”

She responded back with: …some things are better expressed through humor, if it doesn’t hurt anyone is my opinion. How do you feel about that?

What is sarcasm? A few thoughts

Sarcasm is a form of communication that involves saying something but meaning the opposite; it’s often used as a form of humor, criticism, or irony. Sarcasm is often characterized by a tone of voice that is exaggerated, insincere, or mocking. It may be used intentionally to convey contempt, ridicule, or frustration towards a person or situation.

For example, if someone makes a mistake and another person responds with “Great job, Einstein,” the tone implies the opposite of what the words say, suggesting that the person did not actually do a great job and may have made a foolish mistake.

What sarcasm was to me growing up?

As a teenage girl, I watched and listened as my dad used sarcasm to humiliate my mother and myself, it was quite painful. I didn’t see any humor in mocking the two of us. As an adult, I read or hear people say and write sarcastic snarky remarks towards one another.

I ask myself this question; how does this make one feel loved? Because I felt the opposite. I actually started feeling disrespect towards people who use that tone towards me. I didn’t want to align my value system with those who intently cause another person pain.

The body language reveals this pain.

The opposite of sarcasm can be described as sincerity or straightforwardness. While sarcasm involves saying something with a tone that implies the opposite meaning, sincerity involves clearly expressing one’s actual thoughts or feelings without any guise or hidden agenda.

It involves being honest and genuine, rather than trying to be witty or ironic. For example, if someone asks how a new dress looks, a sincere response might be “It looks really nice on you” if that’s how the person genuinely feels, while a sarcastic response might be “Well, it’s definitely not a fashion disaster” if the person actually thinks the dress looks terrible.

Body Signals Protection & Agitation

Watching someone being spoken to in those kind of tones, the face and eyes lose their luster and sparkle. Anger fires behind those pupils. The body takes on a rigid characteristic, arms cross the front as if bracing itself and protecting the soul. The stance becomes hostile. Have you ever noticed this? There’s sometimes the tap of the foot or twitching of the fingers.

My boyfriend would use sarcasm towards me, thinking it was humorous. You all know how I handle that now. I call it out for what it is. I have found when I use my inner peace and use words that resonate with him that everything changes. Actually, he’s a quick learner, it’s very seldom that he does that now.

There’s nothing cute about sarcasm.

It reaks of pain. See, I embrace humor, if something is funny, I will laugh. I also embrace criticism as long as it’s spoken through love and understanding words. Speaking through kindness is the way to go. So, sarcasm isn’t a love language.

This discover you series is about recognition

in applying yourself in a manner that resonates inner peace, cultivating calm within you. I invite you to My New Instagram Profile Inner Peace & Me or Cultivating Calm Within Podcast

Sending love and light! I hope that you find grace and will be understanding to others trauma and experiences. There’s too cruelty and violence going on. Yet, we can try to change this.


Linda J Wolff

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