Daily Pep Talk: Shake It Off

In today’s episode; Daily Pep Talk: Shake It Off. First, wanted to say “Hope you are having a great day! See, my morning started as a challenge. Very little sleep, woke feeling sluggish and yucky. You know that feeling, hahaha, everything’s a procrastination .

When I was feeling like procrastination was going to win, I got a little piece of paper out and reminded my self of something.

shake it off daily pep talk
To the pieces of me that want to fall apart, take a deep breath, beautiful, this moment will pass. Embrace the fact of how courageous yo are and how you have defeated the odds on so many occasions and situations .

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Shake It Off!

Goodness, do I know how easy it is to just want to crawl back to bed and start over. But, there’s something I have learned about myself. It’s the undeniable powerful energy that’s inside of all of us.

I know what struggle is, and what it can do to one’s state of mind. So if your are challenge like I am at the moment, let’s lean into our courage to overcome procrastination and these tough moments we are going through.

Because it’s there in that courageous moment you will find grace, peace, and strength. I understand how easy it is to forget how far we’ve come and why we are standing where we are right now. It wasn’t because you gave up, beautiful!

Shake it off by leaning into you.

Sending love and light!

Linda J Wolff is an extraordinary individual who possesses a unique talent and exceptional skills. Her unwavering dedication and passion for her craft are truly inspiring. With her incredible creativity and immense knowledge, Linda has been able to make a significant impact in the cultivating calm within.

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