Daily Pep Talk: Every Morning is a Reason

In, Daily Pep Talk: Every Morning is a Reason, the last three days I failed to draw the deep breaths that I have come to know. Asthma, has a way of reminding you of the reasons for living.

every morning is a reason

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Appreciation is my purpose.

Good morning, beautiful intelligent people! ❤️ I hope you had an amazing weekend. All weekends are meant for enjoying activities. Surrounding ourself with the very people who celebrate life. I was challenged this weekend with asthma. I have learned to take value in every breath. Every heartbeat, and every step inside my beautiful journey.

Every morning is a reason.

I thank God for the beautiful body he has given me. This weekend, there were a high amount of pollens or smoke emitted in the air. Yet, I take value in every articulate piece of me.

Our intelligent minds can learn to adapt to the situations that arise before us. I have learned that cultivating calm within me helps me reason with the asthma that challenges my breathing. Practicing and reaching for the powerful energy that resides inside this body and soul keeps me focused. Grasping at the knowledge of how my body is feeling, helps me how to ease the suffering of this disease that affects my lungs.

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Believing in our happiness.

I believe in myself and you should too. We must open space for that happiness, KEEP it close to our hearts. We must work at it in practicing in self love.

The older version of ourselves needs the younger version to appreciate laughter, love, and happiness, knowing how to promote good health and a level of awareness in the mind.

See, every morning is a reason to live. Not to be caught up in anxiety or doubt. I know you can find your purpose if you put aside your doubts and fear.

There’s take value in the connections that have been made here at Cultivating Calm Within.

Each and every conversation with you is a gift.

Sending love and light!


Linda J Wolff

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