Affirmation: Dreaming is My Future

In, Affirmation: Dreaming is My Future. I will journal. A pen and paper. I will make a list of my visionary. My aspirations and goals I want to accomplish.

dreaming is my future

Dreams Become My Reality

Good morning, beautiful intelligent people! I hope your morning is going as planned. You know, I think back to when I was a ten year-old-girl, I loved to write stories. I dreamed about becoming an author of some inspiring book.

A book that was funny, yet, enlightening. Add, fifty two years later… Now the author of four published books. I fulfilled one of my “dreaming is my future.”

Twilight hangs in the balance and I am a thread woven into the atmosphere of its particle dust.

-Linda J Wolff

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At the sweet age of 62, I’ve never stopped dreaming of my future.

For some inexplicable reason some people believe they don’t deserve to be happy and successful. I call upon reasoning.

If you find yourself in the “I don’t deserve a good life type of thinking.” Let me tell you what’s going on.

Somewhere in your past, someone has led you to believe that you are not worthy or deserving of these great things in life. When you are fed that consistent pattern of negativity, one starts believing it.

  • Change your pattern.
  • Change your thinking.
  • Open space for new way of thinking.

Please do not make yourself victim to thinking you deserve less than the next person. To empower yourself, raise your consciousness about whether you are truly in the down and out stage of life. Are you in an emotionally down place?

Look around you. Do you have a roof over your head? Food in the refrigerator? Clothing on your body? Working a job? If you can answer yes to all these question? Then embrace the fact that you have the necessities of life.

Now, is the time to go beyond. Dreaming is the future. Inside of all these immensities , open space for dreaming. Open space for meeting a want or a desire… Maybe, a goal you have had tucked away inside you.

Bring it to the open space. To the light. Let’s visualize it, yes, it’s possible to implement a plan of action.

dreaming is my future

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This is how I strategicly make dreaming a possibility. You need a few things.

  • A journal book.
  • A pen
  • A paper.

Simple, right? It actually is. Do you know how many people just stop at the very thought of it and just walk away from it. What if you wrote the words

I want or desire “__________________________________________ this?

Now that’s not to hard to do is it? Now a few more simple words. Jot down any kind of idea about what you want or desire.

Guess what? It’s not wrong either. Dreaming doesn’t cost a thing.

Time. Effort. I started just by scribbling my stories on the back of my homework assignments. The more I kept writing down my stories.

The more I could visualize myself becoming a writer. An author.

There’s something I know, it’s so easy to procrastinate or to think that those who put you down are right. But, what if, my darlings! What if?

Dreaming is my future

and no matter how old I am, I will always want and desire to live happily and successfully.

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Thanks for reading beautiful people, I appreciate you immensely!


Linda J Wolff


  1. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting my blog and for the like. It’s great to connect with you. Love your thoughts on taking steps to make your dreams happen!

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