Daily Pep Talk: Hate Doesn’t Have To Breathe Pain

In todays story, Daily Pep Talk: Hate Doesn’t Have To Breathe Pain. The word senseless and homelessness stick to my mind like glue. The stickiness of it I can’t let go of… Let me tell you why.

hate doesn't have to breathe pain

You need to understand where people are at

Hate doesn’t have to breathe pain

A news story this morning in a town not even fifteen minutes away from where I sit in my brown recliner. Me watching the early morning stories on KOMO News. News flash across the screen. A young woman is dead. Homelessness was her story, her backpack torn to shred from tires. Not just one set of tires. But, two! A black Suv and a silver car.

A shoe on the side of the road. Remnants of something from one of the vehicles. A taillight cover perhaps. Yellow caution tape. The streets sealed off. There she was, long flowing brown hair, her face empty and lifeless. No words… no more uttered from those sweet red lips. Blood stains EVERYWHERE as they toyed with her body, as they fueled their hate.

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Her story. Her struggles.

What I felt afterwards was sadness, angry, and empathy for the parents, sister or brother. Aunts or uncles. I felt like I could throw up. Someone thought it would be fun just to take her out. Take her breath and steal her heartbeats.

The fight or flight mechanism that rushes through her veins, neither one of them worked. She couldn’t get away from the rage that fueled that hate crime. We live in 2023, where there should be learning, growth, awareness, and healing.

Yet, there’s still hate.

Falling on hard times doesn’t merit death.

Know how to take a pass

Of all the times, I have been homeless. This story could have been me. Me on the side of a highway running away from a home. A home that served emotional mental abuse. A survivor trying to find what courage that lie deep underneath the wounds of emotional wounds. Inside a ribcage filled with love, yet, pain.

I couldn’t imagine someone, let alone two separate vehicles scrapping my body along the highway while they had their fun with me. Them probably emotionally or physically abused themselves at some point in their lives. What a vicious cycle we live.

Just because ONE where’s a backpack and the clothes your wearing say, I’m mentally struggling right now without a home doesn’t merit a sign on your back that says: “Harm me.”

Self-Help Resources & Books

Judge and Jury. Hit and Run.

Take immaturity and history. Maybe, fuel it with alcohol and drugs. Now, you might have a hate crime. I don’t know this beautiful young lady’s story. Her story will come to pass. Her pain she carried along with her backpack will hopefully come to light.

I can not judge her. I have set no expectations. But, the people who ran her over and over were her judge and jury. They left her a hit and run victim. It shouldn’t matter what gender, or race, or struggle you have or are going through. No person deserves to die that way.

I will pray that through the police efforts that they find these people. These people who are causing severe grief and trauma to the friends and family of this beautiful human being.

Someone ripped the pages from her family lives. You know karma finds its way to those who hurt others. I believe and I will pray that they find the culprits who did this to her. I will send love, light, and prayers to her family in their hour of need.

Hate doesn’t have to breathe pain.

If you are pissed off or angry, check your self up. Ask yourself why? Go deep for the answers, if you can’t find it that way. Seek help. Like here with me. But, don’t take it out on innocent victims. They don’t deserve your rate, no one does. Be mature, and get your help emotionally!

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you!


Linda J Wolff

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