Rewire the Brain, Free the Soul

Hello, Beautiful Souls… Rewire the brain could be a slang phrase. Yet, for me, it’s philosophy and depth of my own reasoning and embracing life. Yet, add the words “free the soul.” It’s almost becomes angelic.

rewire the brain

Let’s imagine butterflies in a wire cage. The wire wound so tight, that there wasn’t room to fly, to spread wings of velvety softness. Over time the butterflies became listless and quiet. Subdued.

The Strained Brain, can rewire itself.

Studies show that making small changes psychologically to the brain and inducing meditation into one’s routine helps the brain rewire itself. Rewiring the brain reduces stress levels.

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Thinking back to pivotal points in one’s life.

Let’s go back to the visual of the butterflies caged. What if we pulled at one wire releasing it from the cage. That one wire creating vibration in the cage, the butterflies feel something, a stirring. The butterflies are moving from the stimulation of movement.

Pull one more wire from the cage. More freedom is felt through the energy of the wire being removed. Another wire and another. Now openings are presenting themselves. The butterflies have never forgotten freedom. One butterfly passes through the open space. Another. Then another until the wire cage is empty and just a shell of something of a memory.

Pulling wire from the brain

Can you see the similarity between butterflies and our brain? The more we pile stress upon our mind, putting ourselves under so much pressure. It’s like meshing wire around our brain, subduing it’s freedom of thinking. Than all that strain weighing heavy on the body, on the heart. Wow, how can our souls’s be free. No wonder we suffer from migraines.

Rewire the brain, free the soul.

A great visual of butterflies being released. Would you say? Now this storytelling is me. I was told at the doctor’s office this week that I’m pre-diabetic. That was me in the wire cage with the butterflies. With this news, I felt retrained, subdued. Limited. That was quite a shock, and it will make it challenging for me, yet, I embrace changing my eating habits.

But, you all know me, challenges like that don’t limit me for very long. It was time to make small changes that would improve my overall health and wellbeing.

I, free the soul to embracing adjustments. Adaption can be a beautiful thing. Resentment or anger because I was handed information that it would alter my life. I won’t even think that kind of nonsense.

Rewire the Brain, Free the Soul.

Recognizing that it was my life choices that brought me here in the now.

I knew all those times that I ate the wrongs foods. I admit to it. God, I wished people didn’t blame others for their choices they made in life. It makes those people who are blamed feel like the butterflies. Caged in someone else’s reality. Not good. I know how that feels. It’s awful.

Opening space inside the soul is freeing. I open space now for researching and understanding what diabetes is. Learning is knowledge. My health is too valuable to me and I will make those small psychological changes to improve my mind, body, and soul.

Just remember…

  • Clutter, Clarity, and Light

When you make those choices, admit to it. Own it and try not to slip up again. It’s a valuable lesson, and there’s nothing wrong with learning, and growing from it.

Sending love and light! Until next time,

Linda J Wolff

Author of Self-Healing Poetry & Quotes for Ordinary People


  1. Beautiful symbolism used of releasing the butterflies. Sometimes it’s hard to rewire the brain and yes, then we need to pull one string at a time. Acknowledging it is the first step to freeing the soul. Thanks for a wonderful share, Linda.

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