How to Mentally Remove Clutter

In today’s article, How to Mentally & Physically Remove Clutter. Learning to accept reality that we sometimes can’t control.

Thoughts or things can impede our movement or effectiveness in day to day life. Do you agree? Life seems to flow with a good pace… Until, everything changes.

clutter-remove- the-expectations

Removing clutter mentally.

A client calls me this morning, and I can hear the thick heaviness in her voice. I didn’t have to see her face to know she was on the verge of tears. I felt it. In soft words I ask: What’s going on?

As a part time life coach, listening is a compassionate gift you can give to someone who is in need of validation and understanding.

She shares that life has changed for her. The new kitchen remodel has put her house and family in disarray. Her husband’s job hours changed from a day time shift to a night shift. Coordinating schedules with kids, school, and no man around to help her during the off hours. She was beside herself.

How to find peace

At that moment, I knew she was overwhelmed with things she had no control over, yet, she was allowing it to clutter her mind. She was allowing it to ruin her day and put her in an irrational state of mind. I asked her a few simple questions.

  • Ask yourself what matters most to you. What is the priority? Her answer was my family and work. Paying billings and living.

Perfect answer.

  • Can you control the clutter in your home? No! And it’s stressing me. See, something I know about her is she likes structure and balance.

Learning to let go of perfection.

  • Is it possible that there’s not time in the day? Yes, your are correct. I reminded her that her first priority was to love and care for her family, then to commit an hour to the clutter in the home.

Strategizing time frames.

Clutter isn’t the issue

  • Do you open space for peace and balance? No, she said. I reminded her that during a remodel job in the home you must accept that it doesn’t fit into a structured environment.

Walk outside away from the disarray. Breathe. Let it pass through your soul and away.

  • Tell yourself you deserve open space to walk away from the clutter. Walk that walk, or sit outside of the clutter on your patio with a glass of wine if that’s what your preference is to relax with.

Remind yourself you deserve down time.

  • Is it a rule that everything has to be perfect or spotless? Is this an expectation you have set that is unreasonable to meet for yourself. See, tomorrow is another new day to start again.

Self-Help Resources & Books

Remove the expectations then you remove the clutter

I helped her to understand she was putting too much pressure upon herself, she just needed to make one choice at a time. If it meant using three hours to enjoy time with her boys, then she must commit to that moment and make it memorable.

If she wants to commit to straightening a few things up in the house, put a time limit on it. It’s how we use our time from day-to-day, moment to moment. Not about how much we do, with judgement or expectations.

It’s making life enjoyable in everything we do. Find that balance and peace are the cornerstones to our life. Not running a race to be perfect or have perfection to suit others.

That’s too much pressure to carry on your shoulders all day.

When we finished talking on the phone. Something I noticed, her voice felt light and airy, she felt validated like a heavy burden had been lifted.

Sometimes, we just need to be reminded it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Yet, learning to let it pass through us. Reminding ourselves that there will always be time for the clutter. But, we are going to lean into our powerful energy and love on ourselves.


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