Philosophy: Open Space For Healing

In this post, Philosophy: Open Space. Two words come to my mind this morning. Closed and open, and the space in between.

Open the Door from in Within

Look at the image above, I see a beautiful young woman. Yet, I see pain. Now she could be a model. But, her body language isn’t speaking that. The expression on her face isn’t revealing this either.

See, I don’t know where she lives, or the experiences she’s has lived. Now, look at the building behind her, it wears the same expression. Maybe neglect or abandonment. The paint is peeling, wood has been exposed to the weather.

They share something, the elements of time. Hard trauma from exposure of time. Maybe, under the hands of cruelty, abuse, or neglect. Something, I can see is a closed space. Empty and void of energy. We cannot forget our past or even the present of the trauma we’ve experienced. Let’s keep going with this theory…

Open Space for Healing


Now, let’s look at this image, of course a different setting altogether. What do you notice immediately between the two images? I notice the difference of “Darkness and Light.”

Notice, how the door is open on this image. How about the open space between each area? Open space has this natural energy and flow to it. Now, I’m going to move this theory to ourselves.

See, I understand how one cannot forget the past or even the present. Also knowing, and understanding that emotional and physical trauma that there’s a darkness to it. Believe me I know. I’ve told you my stories, like the one “Meeting Other’s Expectations.

Each one of us share pain. But, our experiences are quite different from the next person. Yet, pain is pain. That’s what makes it uniquely beautiful and tragic at the same time. I also know that we can pass through that pain into the open space for healing.

Leave the space open.

open space for healing.

Question for you? How often do you close your soul to love because of your trauma from the past? Maybe, even just recently ?

See, there is something I know, one can overcome the past, the present. I know how hard it is to wedge open that door to that amazing beautiful energy you hold inside of you. Fear is the key that keeps it locked up. God, do I know how hard is to practice on a day-to-day basis. Learning to leave an open space for continual healing.

It takes work. It takes me recognizing my powerful energy and reaching for it, my spirit, my faith, to find my inner peace. I am the photo image of the door wedge open. Always allowing room for growth, loving myself harder on the days that challenge me.

There’s empowerment in open space for healing.

The power of your spirit wants you to be happy and peaceful. I believe in you wholeheartedly that you can find inner peace if you reach deep inside you and trust in yourself that you deserve it.

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