Friday Affirmation: Energy

In this post, Friday Affirmation: Energy. I will remember to seek the powerful energy inside my soul and empower my spirit to pass through the things that limit me.


Some days, the sun will rise inside you and it’ll be because you drew upon its warmth to let go of the people or things that weren’t meant for you.

Linda J Wolff

If we can remember where we were at before they came into our life. We can stand in that powerful energy we have within us again.

I have been working with a client that broke up with her man. It has been two weeks since their break up. My job is to help remind her of the amazing energy she has instilled inside her and how we are going to draw upon that power to pass through these challenging days of overcoming the loss she feels.

Our mindset can be our worst enemy or our greatest asset.

Right now, she was overcome by grief. Overthinking was her enemy. She wanted to blame herself for everything. The pain she was feeling was blinding her. She kept asking the “why” question.

Questions to ask oneself.

  • What did I overlook in the beginning?
  • Were there red flags to begin with?
  • Did I have abandonment issues because I attach to early on?

What I offered to help her with, was to lean back into her femininity. Breakups are an opportunity and chance to practice. The chance for transformation. Pain is devastating.

Friday Affirmation: Feminine Energy

That’s why I will be her coach, I am going to aid her to pass through this painful challenge. I want to help her recognize how all the deaths in her past affect her choices in men.

It’s about healing, and recognizing the old familiar patterns. Passing through each one by practicing to heal the whole person, and having a healthy mindset to better prepare her for the next relationship.

Self-Help Resources & Books

Its hard to move on and let go.

We shared a conversation about what brought her an her ex together. Conversation and alcohol. Loneliness.

She admitted she jumped the gun on this relationship too soon. Loneliness can blind the heart so it doesn’t see the truths. Then to just pass it off. Bad behaviors start to reveal themselves. Moving in together didn’t make their relationship stronger, it only got worse.

Fighting was the only communication. Until he packed his belongings and left. Anger was the only thing binding them.

Friday Affirmation: Tapping into the powerful energy that has been buried from the past.

I wanted to help her find that powerful energy she had. The mornings were her low points. We agreed on a quick phone conversation when she was struggling.

“Let’s think back before him, what did you do and how did you stay busy.”

Helping her recognize she had a life before him, and seeing all the fun she had without him in her life at that time. Helped her visualize that lifestyle again. Hanging with her friends, gardening, and planting. Dinner and drinks with the locals.

This morning, I sent her the image above. I wanted her to know that in her low points of her day she can lean on me.

Two weeks now, I hear strength in her voice. She’s doing things with her life. Staying busy is such a useful tool to implement when we are hurting. It uses time and time is what we need to heal. She is tracking her progress, practicing self love. I see a slow transformation evolving in her. I’m happy!

In conclusion, I understand support systems, we all need them. Those type of people never lose them. They help motivate you, and you likewise for them.

God bless you all! Sending love and light! Appreciate each and everyone of you!


  1. I always thought that moving on means looking forward. How have you changed because of the relationship. But this method of looking back, also works well. It’s like heartbreak and crying clouds our reflection on the mirror. And we just have to wipe out our tears, clean the mirror and see our real selves. It helps reclaim happiness and grow stronger.

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