Emotional Challenge #2: The Hardest Words To Express

In today’s post, Emotional Challenge : The Hardest Words To Express. I want to share some points on being true to you. We have this innate idea that we might be selfish if we speak from the heart. Guess what! We have to step up for our mind, body, and soul and protect its alignment.


“You couldn’t heal if you keep pretending it wasn’t hurt.”

The Hardest Words to Express

is the truth about myself. Do you know that it took practice, and more day-to-day practice looking inward at the inner child I had abandon so many times. I didn’t step up for her, defend and protect her from those harmful words, from the abusive mental and physical harm at the hands of others. at the time I DIDN’T KNOW HOW.

In that day-to-day practice I learned my words. Those hardest words to express to myself and to say out loud in the air. I created noise. In those cultivating calm within words, these words resonated with me.

This was about me recognizing the beautiful human being I am and what I bring to my family and friends. What I BRING to the world.

The hardest words to express is that “I feel something.”

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The hardest words to express isn’t selfishness

they are honest and they mean something to our soul. I had a beautiful woman reach out to me expressing that, her significant other thinks she’s selfish for stepping up and defending her inner child, her (soul.)

You should never silence your inner voice. You need to be heard, your voice means something to you. When we open our mouth and speak from our heart that we are hurt. We protect our inner child and cultivate calm within us. It is healing.

We need to teach our people to respect us.

I never want you to silence yourself for another human being.


Let me share some storytelling.

I got married at the early age of eighteen, and I was immature and knew nothing of the journey that marriage required. I really wasn’t ready for a relationship. See, I can admit this with truthfulness due to the practice of cultivating calm within.

In my young adulthood, I never protected my inner self, I allowed my husband to control my every move. I didn’t have the knowledge that I do now. I did the best could with the little knowledge I knew back then.

But, as time passed, I felt wronged. Yet, I kept it inside and when I did try to defend myself I was criticized for it. That was the part about him that he liked, the control. To keep me in my place and that was to be barefoot and pregnant and stay home.

When I realized I was unhappy.

That’s when I stepped up. I couldn’t take anymore pain. My inner self was angry and defiant. I wanted independence

and I wanted to speak those hardest words to express. I found MY voice and when I did this, his world fell apart. What I mean was he couldn’t subdue me any longer. I wanted to seek counseling for both of us so we could help this relationship grow into something stronger and more profound.

But, see, this shook his comfortable world where he controlled every aspect. No longer was that going to happen. He didn’t want to embrace this, he resisted. Then all the arguments, but, I didn’t step back into that place I fought so hard to get out of. I was keeping my power.

Sad to say, we ended in divorce. Yet, we get along better now than we did when we were married. We became close friends.

You using your “I feel words.”

is you stepping into your powerful self. See, “I feel” means “I defend and protect my space of love and peace.” I want that for you. I want you to practice in believing you deserve to be respected, shown love and understanding. Kindness and compassion. It’s okay to say no if it makes you feel uncomfortable, again you protecting your inner self.

In conclusion: I feel happy that I can share a part of my experiences with you. The world has become more aware of the emotional challenges we face. We have to be aware of our own mental health awareness and our healing.

Sending love and light! God bless you all!

~ Linda J Wolff

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