Awaken Quote: Speaking From the Heart

In this post, Awaken Quote: Speaking From the Heart, I come from that place when people or certain persons make me feel invisible. Have you ever felt like that? I’m sure that you have and you know how that tends to make you feel unheard or disrespected.

You have the power to protect your peace.”

Speaking From the Heart

My storytelling time: Remember, I shared my story of when I was child, in my home children could only speak when they are spoken to. The last few days have felt that way for me. I want to be heard. Want my voice to be respected.

I share this story so it resonates with you. This is me speaking from the heart. I know there are many of you that might be reading this saying; “She’s talking about me.”

The last few days I have felt invisible, and my heart feels sad because of it. I understand that it’s a feeling when our soul feels deprived of acknowledgment. We need to be validated that our voice counts as much as other’s.

Our people can do this to us. That’s why it hurts us the most. If a perfect stranger did that to us and it’s not that hurtful, maybe we don’t eve care. But, if it’s our significant other or family it could create frustration within us. This is a normal reaction too.

Speaking from the heart is me being open and communicating.

Several times I have been sharing something I thought that was important to say, and my significant other just starts talking over me, and cuts me off. Then again. then again. If it wasn’t that, it was him distracted by his phone.

Some of you just might blow this off, I don’t. It’s been ingrained in me since I was a child, it says that you are not a priority. That you aren’t worth listening too.

But, truthfully it is a bad behavior when someone does that to you, and it deserves attention. It needs to be called out. But not when you are angry and being unreasonable.

speaking from the heart

When I get to that point of frustration in my emotions, I am in need of space. Space from him of them. Going for a walk helps me think, search for my peace. I become absorb in nature and find my calm again. Then, and only then, I am ready to speak from my heart and reveal how that bad behavior made me feel.

What happens when I speak from the heart?

See, when I got up, put my walking clothes on and shared the fact I needed space. I made it known that I wasn’t okay with him in that moment. And I refuse to talk through anger AND say things that don’t make sense. I want to relay an articulate message. One with love and me asking for respect. Me. Wanting to be heard.

I have a beautiful walking path that is about three and half miles long near my home. Long enough for me to start cultivating calm within my mind, body, and spirit. What a beautiful walk, lots a gorgeous gifts of floral blooms and a few rabbits along the way.

I felt now that I could protect my peace. See, when we speak with angry emotions we become vulnerable to a hit, or more anger. Why? Through anger its hard to speak fair and reasonable.

My phone starts ringing. He’s worried because I have been gone over forty minutes. Him: Where are you? Are you okay?

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Do you see and understand what has happened within his own mindset?

Someone who truly loves you, begins to worry that you might leave. They want for the relationship to go back to the happy balance.

I arrived back at the house, and what I saw through his facial muscles and body language is that he wanted to fix this.

Can we talk he says: I say of course.

See, he knows how I feel about the phone being a distraction. I used my I feel words. This is what I said.

It hurts when my words are not heard, I feel I am not validated and that I am not a priority. When I speak, I want to know that you are listening lovingly and attentively. I want to see the emotions or excitement in your eyes as I share something that is important to me.

When I spoke those words to him, he felt ashamed. He came to me and held me. He apologized over and over. Thanked me for being honest with him. When we communicate through honesty and love. We build a stronger bond than what we had before. It really is a beautiful thing to be understood.

Your people need to know how you feel inside.

If you never share your feelings when you are upset by their behavior towards you. They will continue in bringing the same behavior, because no one told them that its wrong, because know one told them that it causes you pain.

In conclusion: So, please protect your peace by speaking from your heart. Pass through the fear that you might hurt them. As long as you use your I feel words, then you are cultivating calm within you and trying to with them.

Sending love and light! Practice staying in your powerful light that shines within you!


  1. This is so good.
    Thank you.
    I believe this because it is exactly how I feel.

    I stopped speaking though.

    I hope I find my voice.

    My husband thinks it is selfish to always use ‘I feel’.

    He asked me ; “why is it always about you?”

    • It is never wrong to be honest to your soul. Husbands need to be open and listen to their beautiful lady. As well a us women listen to our men. It’s a part of sharing a deep relationship through communication.

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