Healing Quote: Cultivating Calm Within

In today’s post, Life Quote: Cultivating Calm Within. We are like gardeners tending the soil of our souls, plucking at the weeds that try to overtake the fresh blooms of summer.


Cultivating what? you might ask?

Today, I am sharing examples of what might be relatable to your beautiful intelligent brains. When I imagine the word “cultivating.” I think of Spring. Tilling up last year’s dried up garden. I think of flowering pots and potting soil. I think of seeds.

Yet, the word cultivating could be relatable to our souls as well. Let me explain. A whole year has passed like that of a garden undergoing the four seasons of the year. A lot changes with the soil, the ph balance, the overgrowth of debris and toxic weeds in the garden.

Webster Dictionary definition: to loosen or breakup the soil about (to foster an environment for growth.)

A whole year has passed of experiences that you have lived. Does your soul suffer from some toxic ness or negativity instilling the bitter weed of resentment.


Some soils are cultivated for calm.

Now, let’s look at this Spring season. The season for change. As a hobby, I love growing flowers and vegetables. But, there’s preparation to do. Like tilling the soil, turning it over and over. Shaking the toxic weeds from the unearthed soil.

Step after step. Weed after weed pulled and discarded. Putting the work in might take a few weeks of your time.

Life Quote: Cultivating Calm Within refers to your soul.

Once the soil is prepared, then planting seeds begins. Watering, and nurturing the soil to grow healthy plants and flowers. Time and the weather produce an amazing garden.

But, the garden needs your practice. The practice of daily tending of pulling weeds and watering to insure a beautiful garden of butterflies and blooms.


Life Quote: Cultivating Calm Within You

When I think about how much I love tending a flower and vegetable garden. It make s me look inward at my soul, do I practice enough on a daily basis to create a peaceful environment for my emotions and soul. For, my mind, body, and soul?

My answer to myself is yes.

Here’s my comparisons: You might get some enjoyment of of this.

  • Watering versus sleep. When plants don’t get enough water they wilt. When we don’t get enough sleep we are fatigued. Sound relatable?
  • Miracle grow versus food. When plants don’t have the right ph balance in the soil, they don’t produce. When we don’t eat right our bodies reveal with disease.
  • Sunlight versus Peace. When flowers or plants receive enough sunlight they flourish. When we practice in daily mental health awareness we create inner peace and we smile.

Self-Help Resources & Books

Learning, growing, practicing is work, yet, it’s work I love doing in becoming a person who understands myself and where other people are coming from. To show love through everything you have experienced is to bring a bright light to those who have not known love. And I’m here to help spread love and light!

In conclusion: I am in hopes you are off to a wonderful week, I understand you will be challenged throughout your week. But, I know how strong you’ve become, and you will preserver.


      • I started reading self help books for a while now. While it sometimes feels overwhelming since some give you homework๐Ÿ˜…, you get to learn soo much and solidify some great ideas.

        You too, thank you! โ˜€๏ธ๐ŸŒผ

      • Thanks! I’m trying, it’s not always easy. As you’ve mentioned in a prior comment, distractions are present all around and it’s easy to get astray.

        But Jesus always guards me and leads me back to my path, and I can’t be more grateful for that. โญ

        Thanks for the reply and support! ๐Ÿค

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