Awaken Quote: The Price of Time

In this today’s post, Awaken Quote: The Price of Time. I reflect upon how much time I spent on the irrelevant things and how I have now changed.

Awaken Quote: The Price of Time
About time, nothing last forever, neither happiness nor pain. One day we will come to the point of laughing at a feeling that used to hurt, or crying over a feeling that used to be beautiful.

The price of time is expensive.

The price of time is in the learning of the cost of immaturity.

Immaturity refers to a lack of emotional, social, or intellectual maturity relative to a person’s age or to the expectations of their environment. It can manifest in a range of ways, such as impulsivity, self-centeredness, a limited ability to empathize with others, and a lack of accountability for one’s actions.

Immaturity is often associated with youth or adolescence, but it can persist into adulthood and impact relationships, decision-making, and overall life success. However, it’s important to remember that maturity is a complex and ongoing process that takes time and effort to develop, and everyone grows and develops at their own pace.

When I watch the news in the morning or evenings the price of time reveals itself. The violence seems to carry such a cost, it uses up more productive time on any news channel. Something, I, myself have learned is to limit my viewing time of such toxic negativity. Yes, I understand completely it is real.

But, just because it’s real it will not come at a cost for me.

It’s amazing when a person watches too much of the negative events, tv or online. How it can seep into one’s pours and alters one’s mood. Screen time is what psychologist call it.

I have noticed how my mood changes, I get angry when I see a eighteen month old baby die of fetanyl poisoning. A young mother so careless because she’s wiped out on such a horrific drug. Now that’s the cost of immaturity. When I feel my mood change like that, all my days of practice and recognition step in, and I change what I’m doing to a more productive activity.

The time you enjoy spending achieving your dreams is not wasted time.

Something, I am grateful for…

The level awareness on mental health issues. My daughter has suffered from some mental health issues. Grief and loss. Also, separation anxiety. As parents we must be there for our children and don’t assume that they can cope with hard things on their own.

Don’t ask them just to toughen up and suck it inward. Wrong approach. All that did for me was make me resent my parents.

When my daughter and I were dealt deaths hand over fifteen times in an eight year span. She started cutting herself, anger played its part. She was six years old when her dad died. It was a heavy loss for both of us, and sometimes we can be so caught up in grief that we forget we need help from a professional therapist.

There’s something I must say out loud to all you beautiful parents, be aware, pay attention to your child’s whereabouts, and who influences them.

Children will cling to those who suffer similar emotional trauma. This is what my daughter did, children will seek TikTok groups that cut (from cutting to doing more harmful things to their bodies. You can not down play pain. It’s hard to believe you can find that stuff on social media.

Look at the news, their is a lot of angry folks acting out.

As a parent, never accuse, get the facts first, get the proof. We want our children to be open to us.

As a parent, involvement in your child’s life is so crucial. We cannot leave our children to fend for themselves.

Activities I share with my daughter.

  • Every Sunday is Starbucks and communication time. Time and energy is priceless.
  • Every day we share chores, we bake and cook together.
  • We got for walks together.
  • We have limited screen time. Three hours max.
  • We watch chick flicks together.
  • She has after school activities.
  • We do gardening, planting flowers, even weeding.
  • She get’s friends over for a few hours.
  • Homework is the first thing that happens when she arrives home.

After reading through this list, I’m hoping there’s something significant that you see. I know when a child is bored or there’s laziness. Trouble seems to find them.

See, I’m not here to blame anyone, I know how hard it is to raise children, I’m a proud mother of three beautiful daughters and two grandsons.

I, also, know my daughter Bianca will go on to succeed in life like her bigger sisters, who both are successful in life. One is a bone marrow specialist, and the other a business life coach for a big bank.

If we invest in our children, and commit our time in a structured plan of learning and development. We know that life has its ups and downs. Yet, we are always looking for the small win in the challenges, we will create a life balanced and successful.

Sharing a few resources for mental health awareness:

Self-Help Resources & Books

The more energy you waste on things that you cannot control, the less control you’ll have on the time you can.

In conclusion: Our children is tomorrow’s future. I will spend what energy I have utilizing time to inspire learning, growth, and raising consciousness through rebooting my brain, finding inner peace and balance.Promising to be there for my daughter through thick and thin, every step of the way. I want you to commit to that promise as well. The future is counting on you!

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