Life Quote: Take Your Power Back

In today’s blog post message, Life Quote: Take Your Power Back. I want to talk about what drain’s the strength of our power. I already know that you are wanting me to talk about this cultivating calm within topic. Sometimes, we just need someone to think and say it for us. Maybe, we might recognize it right off.

Life has a way of helping us forget, all the chaos going on in the world around us. All the distractions we allow to shadow the truths of our reality. I bet you could agree with me on this. Yes?


The past has no power over the present moment.


Take your power back. The Fog.

I remember back, maybe you do too. The regrets, the indecisive choices. Wishing you had done things differently. The what ifs?

In the image and quote above, my soul feels something deep. I visualize the image, you know, it could be just me standing on that ledge lost. Those mornings I would wake from a camping trip. I can’t see a damn thing around me because of this awful fog smothering the mountains and trees. How about the few feet in front of me, as I trip over a log. I find myself face planted near a rock.

That’s what you might call taking too many risk. Also, so many times that you miss magical moments. What happens when you wake to the point of realism? Reality seems to give you a check up, an opportunity to change.

What holds you accountable? to taking your power back. The fog is you or I lost, and when the fog clears there’s this clarity. But, do you know how to use it?

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Take your power back. Recognition.

Storytelling time: In my lifetime, I’ve seen people given opportunity after opportunity to make something more of life. One man in particular, the man I dated for four and a half years. I told you about him in Self-healers & The Magic of “I.’ in my last post. See, after two years I pulled myself from the fog of obscurity. Of being in a relationship with a man so distracted by his past. He found it hard to live in the present moment. It just wasn’t in him. I didn’t blame him either.

Yet, it’s what took his life, and he died by the hand of his own distractions. He busied himself so much with the chaos of the world. That he couldn’t see that he was suffering from undetected diabetes. I saw it, the weight loss, the fatigue, I tried in my kind, consoling way, to plead with him to seek a doctor’s attention.

Something I found out long ago, I was born with premonitions. Maybe, it’s just awareness or foresight. I have experienced dreams, or insight. To know something is going to happen in the future, either that of an event or to a person.


Regain your composure and try again.


Take Your Power Back Now. Regain Composure.

I kept have these recurring dreams of my ex. That I would find him collapsed and suffering from a heart attack. These would wake me in the middle of the night, my soul kept feeling these sad pings of ache, I couldn’t shake it off, either. It was quite distressful.

Then the inevitable happened, a phone call from his employee. Telling me I should come immediately to my ex’s house cause he wasn’t answering the door. His dog was barking relentlessly. His truck still sitting in his driveway. I remembered, I still had a his house key. He wanted me to keep it, cause we remained friends after breaking up.

Take Your Power Back. Healing. Reboot the Brain

When I arrived at his home, his employees were waiting for me. I told them to wait outside, and I went inside, looked around. But there in the hallway is where he collapsed having a heart attack and it took his life. There is where in my dreams I would find him. And reality checked it.

That was two years and two months ago. It was a defining, surreal moment for me. That we should never allow the fog to linger far too long in our mind, body, and souls. Finding him like that devastated me for awhile. But, learning and knowing the grieving process and the emotions I would feel. Grief is the realistic picture of how we need to take our power back NOW. We need to live through moments of awareness.

I want for you to go back and recollect the warning signs.

Please don’t ask me what they are! See, each and every one of us has awareness of our consciousness. I know myself too, it’s what I call raising consciousness. I call it listening inward to the inner child or voice that tells you something.

When we continue to cover this up and go on in this life not listening. We are the fog without no clarity, lost wandering around the deep forest of indecision. We lose our power and we become the persons incapable of knowing our purpose. When we learn to have control over our decisions. Be open to the path that leads us to happiness and success. We cannot blame others for choices. Accountability needs to step in.

Take Your Power Back in 5 Steps

Here are 5 steps you can take to take your power back:

1. Recognize: Be open to what has been taking your power away: The first step is to identify the situations. People or habits that have been making you feel powerless.

2. Take responsibility for your life: It is important to take responsibility for your own life and the decisions you make. This can help you feel more in control of your circumstances.

3. Set boundaries: Setting boundaries is an important part of taking your power back. You can start by learning to say “no” to things that drain your energy. Set limits on the amount of time you spend with people or on certain activities.

4. Practice self-care: Taking care of yourself is an important part of regaining your power. This can include getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, and engaging in activities that you enjoy.

5. Focus on your goals and values: When you have a clear sense of your goals and values. You are better able to make decisions that are in line with what is important to you. This can help you feel more empowered and in control of your life.

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In conclusion: I’m here for you, and if there’s something you want help with reach out through my contact page. I’m happy to answer or give insight! Sending love and light! God Bless You!

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  1. It’s true, we all get lost in the chaos of life sometimes and surround ourselves with unnecessary distractions. It’s important to slow down and reflect on our actions and it’s impact on our loved ones.

  2. This is a tough one. Initially, judging by the title I thought you were referring to the emotional part, at how someone might be present in our energy and thus making us feel foggy.

    I’m sorry to hear you had to go through this and I’m sure that God has strengthened you, and made you capable of writing such enlightening posts (I sometimes forget to say thank you for the lessons that made me myself).

    I think life goes in circles and we get to experience the same lesson until we understand it’s purpose. Some events are easy, while others push us strongly out of the comfort zone and we know that’s the hand of God trying to help us move forward with the divine plan He set for our lives. I too have premonitory dreams and feel when things are about to happen, it’s a gift, my mom has it too.

    I love the steps you’ve mentioned and share the same views.

    Thank you! 🌷

    • Life gives us some amazing experiences and its how we want to receive them. God uses this gift of insight to ready me for what’s to come. I believe we might all have it, yet, we cloud it with distraction. Keep up the great self-awareness. It is your inner peace.
      God bless you for such a lovely comment!

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