Motivational Quote: Shadows and Light

On this Saturday’s post, Motivational Quote: Shadows and Light. I have three words that come to my mind. Shadows, light, and variables. Did you know there’s a fine line that runs between the two?

I have a feeling this quote will resonate with you.


Shadows and light. She understands that both are necessary, yet, the inner workings of a mature mind finds power in the variables. – Linda J Wolff

Motivational Quote: Shadows and Light

Let’s look at this image and analyze it. Theorize it. I see a peaceful place, maybe I’m standing in the shade. Enjoying either a cup of morning coffee or maybe its the afternoon shade with a glass of lemonade. Okay, these are variables.

  • Notice the long, long, shadows.
  • Notice the position of the sun. Sun rise or sunset?
  • Is the sun going down over the horizon?
  • What else? I see light particles bleeding through, do you?
  • Now, one other thing? The shadows and the light?

But it’s right there in between. Do you see it, that fine line? That fine line is you or me at times teetering back and forth in life. What I mean is that at points of our life we are more in the darkest parts of the shadows. We generate so much energy on the hard parts, the toxic or negative parts of our life all because of our imbalance to pass through those emotions.

In Motivational Quotes: Shadows and Light, the emphasis is how we can balance ourselves right there in the middle. On that fine line, it’s called practice and cultivating calm within us.

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Motivational Quote: Shadows and Light

Today, I found myself being the personal life coach for my daughter.

My relationship with my older daughters is one of respect, and I don’t offer help unless it’s requested of me. Unless they are in need of my other types of help.

In desperation, or maybe it’s out of anxiety that’s when they reach out. As a loving mother and coach, I help with the search for the source of the anxiety.

Now through tears and frustration, my daughter shares that she’s overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in her world. Here is what I am hearing;

  • A home remodel project.
  • 40-60 plus hours of work.
  • A full-time job of being mom to two amazing boys.
  • Finding out youngest son has (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

As I am listening, she shares with me that she’s losing control. Having a hard time being rational. Finding herself emotionally drained and angry. My heart feels for for her, my empathy and compassion go into overdrive.

Motivational Quote: Shadows and Light

Something that I have noticed that is rare with people. It is hard to unplug and actually just listen to your person.

It’s a gift you can give through compassion, empathy, and love. When my daughter calls, it’s when I step away from my computer, put the dogs out in the fenced back yard and just listened intently until she was finished speaking.

Then come the mirage of questions. See, if I was distracted by Facebook, Instagram, or other social media, etc. I wouldn’t hear the desperate plea for help. It’s one of my pet peeves; you have an amazing person beside you, yet, where is your concentration focused. Not them? How disrespectful! Common now, you can’t pull yourself away from the every day crap that’s on social media.

The funny thing is; that same garage that you lose yourself in will still be there when you are done giving special attention to the person who needs you more. Okay, step away from venting and back to encouraging and listening.

I wanted to help…

Mom, what would you do? How would you handle this? I feel horrible as a person for reacting the way I did? I’m a horrible mother! First, I asked her if she would mind grabbing a piece of paper and pencil. She quickly gets them, she’s listening and jotting down notes, she was desperate for answers and balance in her life. And here are a few suggestions I shared:

  • Make the plan to prioritize. Create a visual board to help stay focused & balanced. When we see our future in front of us. It’s triggers energy to fulfill our goals. *This has helped me so much to stay on point with my goals and life. When I can see the steps I need to take, it takes a lot of the hard part out of the equation.*

A vision board can be a scheduled planning for the week. It can be hour by hour or day by day. Still, it shows you the steps that you want to implement and erases confusion and chaos.

Rest and relaxing…

  • Sleep is a necessity. (eight hours.) If our bodies are not rested, we don’t think clearly and we have a tendency of overreacting. Our bodies repair, the millions of cells working overtime so you function throughout tomorrow.
  • Making time for relaxing. (Get away to a park or fun place the whole family enjoys.) Something, I do every day, amazing how I have a different perspective when I make it happen.

When we can switch our energy into enjoyment, laughter, and fun activities.

It powers us internally.

  • Personal time: Meditate, read a book, hang with friends. I have learned to say no to things, especially when it interferes with sanity time. Lol. I’m serious. I’m selfish about that personal time, it just reenergizes my mind, body, and soul.

I need space from my people, not for selfish reasons, just to identify with my own mind, body, and soul. Guilt free.

  • Couple time: Date night, dinner & a movie, or walk together. My sweetheart and I have one day a week that it is about us and keeping the relationship fresh and exciting. No excuses!

That meant find a sitter for a few hours, my youngest is old enough to be alone for a few hours, we all get breathing time. Trust is being built to with my fifteen year old.

You are what you eat & do

Something, I say to myself and others; I can change this thought of procrastination. I put a picture of myself on the vision board of when I was twenty pounds lighter. Add words to the picture “Me in 3 months.” I visually see what I am working towards.

  • Feed yourself. You are what you eat. Eat healthy. Come on now, we all know what’s healthy and what’s not, let’s get into feeding our bodies food that power us up. Again no excuses. We are brilliant people, and our bodies are powerful batteries, why, do we just get lazy.
  • Moving the body. Did you know your muscles have memory? That’s right, an idle body forgets. Becomes sluggish. Exercising is like fireworks going off inside our muscles and they remember too.

There’s a lot that happens when we reboot the brain,

  • Take your breaks & recharge the mind. Long work day will literally kill you if you don’t take 15 minute breaks in between every four to five ours. I step away from my computer and put on my Apple Music play list and do a twenty minute session. It’s amazing how refreshed my brain is.

After all these suggestions I shared and the solutions to make life more reasonable, relatable and balanced, my daughter went home with a renewed energized thought process. She’s told me she’s going sit down with my son-in-law and do a think tank on creating their vision board to their future. I smiled happily!

In conclusion, listening and offering my own personal life experiences, I was happy to give value and examples. I do hope that you might have found this article relatable as well. Because I am here to help you cultivate calm within too.

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