Take Control Mentally: Honesty Versus Excuses

In today’s blog post, Take Control Mentally: Honesty Versus Excuses, I have a feeling you want life to be different for you, yet, your not sure how to level up.

Let’s get real, let’s get honest.

First and foremost: this post isn’t about blame or guilt. This blog post is about recognition. I’m feeling that you are ready to change something in a particular area of your life, am I right?

I’m thinking it could be a few of the things I’ve listed below and it’s easier to just find an excuse to put it aside for another time;

  • Maybe it’s something very small, but it is sticking like glue and you are struggling with it.
  • Maybe it might be something very big, and your uncertain how to handle it.
  • Maybe it’s your finances and it puts you in a place of unpredictability.
  • Maybe it’s your focus and discipline and your fighting trying to stay on point with your priorities.
  • Maybe it’s your business model, it’s just not going the direction you thought it should go.
  • Maybe your health is failing and your struggling to getting it back.

If one of these key points reached out to you, I’m proud of you for recognizing this in you.

See, honesty versus excuses

is taking the time to recognize that you might need help with something, I want you to be proud of that. Sometimes, it’s hard to admit that we might need a direct perspective from another person’s view point.

Something, I want you to know. You are never too late. Never too old. The window of change will always be open for you. You might find that my article: Take Control Mentally: Your Fate is Not Fixed is insightful.

The very thing holding you back from your dreams coming true are your excuses…

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Honesty versus excuses.

What does that look like?

First, be honest with yourself about what’s important to you. A happy, healthy life? Owning a business that’s successful? No drama, no stress? No overthinking, having simplicity? Having plenty of money to live comfortably? Let’s get real!

Here’s what I want you to do? Grab a note pad. Write down what’s important to you. There’s something about seeing our goals on paper and taped to our fridge or cork board that helps you to stay on point.

6 Steps To Achieve Your Goals: Take Control Mentally

Let me help you implement the life of yours dreams. Let’s go deeper with the terms honesty versus excuses and see what’s this look like. Change your habits.

[ Maybe it’s something very small, but it is sticking like glue and you are struggling with it. ]

  • When we allow something to sit for too long in our mind, it festers like a sore, we become irritable or we are quick to rise to anger. We might take it out on the people who support us, or maybe our co-workers.

Solution: Sit down with yourself, ask yourself: why is this bothering me so much?think about whether it was an incident or person. If it was something said or done to you, was it a one off or is it repeated. When someone bring a behavior we don’t like, we must call it out. Because if we don’t, resentment starts building up inside us and this isn’t a pretty thing.

If was an incident, we must resolve it the best we know how. Ask for help too?

No more excuses or putting it off. Step up with your honest feelings and use your I feel words, share that you don’t appreciate being spoken to in that manner. Important: Best way is to call it out immediately when it occurs.

[ Maybe it might be something very big, and you’re uncertain how to handle it. ]

  • The pandemic put many people into this situation. For example, a friend was going to lose his house and he didn’t know what he could do to keep it. He reached out to me. I suggested he write a hardship letter to his bank and ask for their assistance in a hardship loan. Guess what? they reduced his payment amount and his interest rate so it was affordable for him. BIG WIN!!

Solution: When something becomes too overwhelming for us, we must put our ego aside and find a solution. See, the beautiful thing about asking for help is that most people see the situation from a different perspective, as where you are coming from an emotional stance. Best action is to align with folks who think outside the box.

[ Maybe it’s your finances and it puts you in a place of unpredictability. ]

  • When we are disorganized, we inflict a lot of pain upon our mental capacity. Finances causes stress, but, it doesn’t have to. FACT: Having a financial plan receives stress. Organizing our money, and budgeting means making decisions. Hard decisions. What’s gonna be put aside for the rent, electricity, cell phone, car insurance, and food is a priority. It comes first.

Solution: Hire a financial planner or become one. I am my own financial planner. My bills always come first. I budget for it. Then I also budget for the fun stuff, within a dollar amount. Below is a FREE monthly budget planner you can download…

Download your pdf copy here…

Honesty Versus Excuses & Me

[ Maybe it’s your focus and discipline and you’re fighting trying to stay on point with your priorities. ]

  • I’m gonna call this as it is… We are distracted by too much outside influence. Like for instance our smart phones. Can you imagined if we disciplined ourselves to put the smartphone on mute during date nights, meetings, work hours, while we are driving, when we go for a walk.

Solution: Mute the phone, create a schedule or to-do-list. Set some realistic goals. Eliminate distractions. Reward yourself for completing task and staying focused. Practice self-discipline, hold yourself accountable. All of these points I just shared will help you develop a habit of staying focus on priorities. You can do this!

[ Maybe it’s your business model, it’s just not going the direction you thought it should go. ]

  • When it comes to small business, there’s something I’ve found that works. Holding staff meeting every few weeks, this keeps things fresh and if problems arise, they can be handled immediately. Communication is the key to a strong business structure, having goals met, creating projected forecast to what things like in the future.

Solution: Establish an open forum, I’m meaning allow people to be heard. I used to work for a casino as assistant to the supervisor and I found allowing employees to speak freely meant that there was room for improvement. That changes could be made to create environment that worked for all.

[ Maybe your health is failing and you’re struggling to get it back. ]

  • Our body speaks to us. When we gain weight, or don’t eat right. We fell it, and we feel pain if our body doesn’t like what we are putting into it. Procrastination or excuses keep us sick and in pain. Aligning our body with health is us pushing ourselves beyond the excuses that we say every day. I am guilty too, but, I have implemented a “I feel my body speaking, I am going to listen with awareness.”

Solution: Change your habits of eating, get some exercise, group with people so you can support one another. There’s power in groups. Raise your consciousness of healing. Here are some things you can do to improve your health:

10 things to increase your stamina

1. Exercise regularly

2. Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet

3. Get enough sleep and maintain a consistent sleep schedule

4. Manage your stress levels

5. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water

6. Limit your intake of alcohol and tobacco products

7. Get regular check-ups and screenings from your healthcare provider

8. Practice good hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly

9. Take care of your mental health by spending time doing things you enjoy and seeking help if you need it

10. Avoid sitting for prolonged periods and incorporate more movement throughout your day.

In conclusion: If your spinning all this energy of being jealous, or judging others, looking around at other people’s success. It time to get crystal clear about what you want, make the moves and align your actions with what you want. Stop making excuses and do the work for your happiness and success.

Remember, You Can Do Anything!

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