Life Quote: Reboot the Brain

In today’s blog post, Life Quote: Reboot the Brain. I will share my story and how just reading this life quote in the image below brings happy tears to my eyes. See, I want to help you find inner peace and have you wake each morning with an energy that propels you forward in life. You know, we all deserve this joy…


It’s never too late for a new beginning in your life.

– Unknown

Life Quote: Reboot the Brain Part One.

Can you reboot the brain?

The answer is most definitely, yes! Let me share one of my stories that correspond with the depth of this life quote. I was married to my first husband for twenty years, the first ten years were of magic. Yet, something changed. His priorities were not aligned with mine anymore, he started drinking. Then came the time where his friends became more valuable than his family at home.

See, I was frustrated, I couldn’t understand what had changed. I begged that we seek help, but, that didn’t work. I found another reason, it was in the history of his past. A connection correlated with his DNA, his father was person with alcohol use disorder from early on in his childhood. I guess you could call it a learned trait and he was destined to become a part of it.

I was one that hated fighting, I didn’t do screaming or yelling at one another. It used too much energy. Yet, there were times I felt the need to defend myself when being attacked verbally and physically.


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Forgiving is a powerful tool when used with practice…

You know I didn’t blame him, yes, it was hurtful, the events that can transpired over twenty years of time, but, forgiveness is a powerful energy I have learned to use quite well.

That part of the life quote that says; it’s never too late for a new beginning is etched inside my veins and soul. I couldn’t count on my fingers how many times I have chosen to began again. Each time a lesson in learning, an evolving growth changing and adapting to new circumstances. I chose it to find inner peace, it was me “cultivating calm within.”

Divorce is an ugly word, yet, sometimes it’s inevitable.

The hardest part is coming to the realism that I could not control the marriage, I could not stop him from drinking. Understanding that the end was near. You know what emotion kept rising to the surface? “GUILT.”

Guilt that kept me there in that marriage, because I didn’t want to hurt my grown daughters and the rest of my family. But my perception changed.

When I started see that I could be happier without him. That life would be simple. No drama, no fights, no physical or verbal abuse.

One thing I kept saying to myself. Linda, you deserve to be happy every day of your life.

Asking the hard questions?

I started with me, see I know I’m not perfect, and that I was responsible for parts of my relationship going bad. I am willing to accept that, I am also willing to forgive myself too and forgive him. God, it is so healing to recognize and admit that I played a part in this breakup of our relationship. When I learned to admit that I was responsible too, this immense weight was lifted my soul.

When we leave, we forgive them and we don’t ruin their personal life because we ourselves hold anger or hatred. We move on in practicing forgiveness, love, and understanding.

If you have questions for me, leave a comment or contact me. I’d be happy to help.

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  1. Anyotherion Avatar

    Well said! I really love how much I can learn from this article. 😇

    1. Linda J Wolff Avatar

      I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I hope for you a continued success throughout your life!

      1. Anyotherion Avatar

        You are very kind! Always a pleasure to be here and hope the same for you! 😍

      2. Linda J Wolff Avatar

        Have an amazing day!

  2. Yaksh singh Avatar

    Such a beautiful post to read and learn by! Awesome share🤗❤

    1. Linda J Wolff Avatar

      Thank you for your lovely comments, Yaksh! Happy Friday!

      1. Yaksh singh Avatar

        You deserve it Linda! Happy Sunday to you as it’s sunday here😌 ❤

      2. Linda J Wolff Avatar

        Awwww! 🙏🦋

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