Take Control Mentally #3: Your Fate is Not Fixed.

In today’s third post of Take Control Mentally : Your Fate is Not Fixed. I want to go over two different kinds of mindsets. Do you or have you ever read the story of The Tortoise and The Hare? Remember the race, how the hare was this overconfident rabbit and the tortoise, he was as laid back, calm, and complacent as could be.

This story reminds me of a theory that Carol Dweck out of Stanford University researched for many years. The fixed mindset versus the growth mindset and how anyone can build a growth mindset.

Your Fate is not Fixed. What is a fixed mindset?

A fixed mindset is a belief that one’s abilities, talents, and intelligence are predetermined and cannot be changed or improved through hard work or dedication. People with a fixed mindset tend to avoid challenges, give up easily, and view failure as a reflection of their inherent limitations rather than an opportunity to learn and grow.

Now let’s go back take a look at the hare in this story;

The hare had a skillset of speed and his talents were those of manipulation. He was so over-confident that he would take naps along the way of this race with the tortoise. See everyone complimented him on his ability to be so fast. “You’re so fast? You’re such an athete” You’re the greatest runner!” Yet, with that speed the hare consumed much energy from his body and he became tired. He needed a nap often.

The hare had a fixed mindset and therefor he thought and he had committed himself to thinking there was nothing else to learn and that he would WIN the race no matter what.

But something happens when he fails to win. His self-esteem plummets. Why? Because he thinks he’s tapped out mentally.

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Steady as the Tortoise goes…

Your fate is not fixed.

Now let’s talk about our calm, collective tortoise, he actually reminds me of a few of us. The tortoise had the growth mindset, he believes he can far in life by pacing himself and just experiencing it. And his skillset and talents grew with time, he didn’t have to force it.

He knew that with this growth mindset of his efforts that he put into the race, going steady but sure were positive. He had reserved his biggest energy for the last few inches of the race. And he was 100% in control of every step.

The thing is the tortoise recognized, he was always in control. No matter what cunning words the hare used, or malicious tricks he would pull. He had the choice whether to listen and react or to recognize if he wanted to win or not win. It was the journey, and it was worthwhile along with the humps and bumps that might get in the way. He was just going to enjoy it.

Especially, what could be the worst thing that could happen? So he decide to just show up and put his small steady steps in, and guess what? He Won!

In conclusion: Slow and steady wins, overconfident, egotistical leads to downfall eventually. Sending Love and light!

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