Taking Control Mentally; Seed by Seed

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Some areas of your life may not be working for you, what is it? Describe it. What’s your biggest fear that’s holding you back from having the best possible success in life.


The hardest thing to do is to state the fear or to voice it out loud; especially to hear those words. I know it can be embarrassing, like falling down and everyone is watching, or laughing at you. I have had this happen to me as well.

But, something beautiful to recognize is you’re not alone in this.

Yet, the moment you state something, and say to yourself that you want to change this habit. Now state out loud what you want, claim it.

If you want to meet goals or fulfill your dreams, it starts with courage to claim them- without erasing them.

State your goal or dream. Proudly. Right here in detail.

10 Proven Science Backed Habits that will help you Cultivate Calm Within YOU.

  • Step out into nature.
  • Ten deep breaths.
  • Soak in a long bath
  • Detox from new & social media.
  • 30 minutes crafting something
  • 2 hours with family & friends.
  • Say out loud 5 things you appreciate
  • Meditate for 7 minutes.
  • Hike on a path that is scenic
  • Sit with silence for 20 minutes.

Hard Part. Honesty. Clarity.

How do you downsize or Erase your Dream?

  • Do you make excuses for why you can’t have them?
  • Do you use laziness when it comes to you needing to use action?
  • Do you not celebrate the small stuff? The small wins.
  • Do you hide your dreams cause you think they are foolish?
  • Do you not ask for help?


Self-Help Resources & Books

Create a IF/WHEN Plan & Examples:

This if/when plan is a powerful tool to use when you find yourself slipping back into an old pattern, it’s a simple backup plan to check yourself up. Researchers at Columbia University have found through studies that creating a If/When plan increase your chances to succeed by 39% to 91%. That’s amazing!

  • If I start over-thinking and the voices of fear or self-sabatogue go off in my head, that’s when I will say out loud an empowering thought, like “I am powerful. I am in control of my life.”
  • If I am distracted by scrolling through social media, that’s when I will disengage myself and pass through that and laugh myself into a crafting environment.
  • If I am aware that the day is going to be busy and hectic, that’s when I will schedule out my day, and breathe. Voice out loud; “I got this.”
  • If I hear myself saying; “I doubt that I can do that.” That’s when I will check myself up and change the tone of doubting to one of “I WILL GIVE THIS PROJECT MY BEST EFFORT.”
  • If people make me feel foolish about my dreams or goals, that’s when I will protect me and limit my conversation to less than 10 minutes.

Takeaway: Take Control Mentally; Plant Seed by Seed

Thinking too big is toxic. Instead, think small steps. Dreams take small pieces. Simplify the dream by breaking down how it will play out into your future. Piece by piece. Seed by Seed.

Small actions forward on a daily basis, and just implement it. There’s this secret to controlling your mental clarity over time throughout your life and working putting the time into towards your dreams is about small progress on things that matter too you.

Achieving your goals looks like this:

Plant seed by seed foolproof plan. Control & Clarity.

  • Calendar Action: Schedule your dream, plan around the family, the job, whatever is going on in your life.
  • Every day action: Do something small towards your dream, this could be setting aside money to implement that dream.
  • Reminder Action: Simple reminders are effective. Text alerts on your phone increase productivity, and positive habits. This looks like saving money, quitting smoking, vitamins to feel good.
  • Done it Action: Fill this with every small win. So empowering! Right now, set up a text alert reminding you to follow through.
  • Focus Action: Keep your mindset propelling forward, reflect on your accomplishments, these new actions are impactful when done in small steps.

Conclusion: Passion is about pursuit, not a destiny.

Passion is what grows inside you when you take control mentally; seed by seed empowering productivity, mental clarity, peace and a focus structure that naturally energizes you. You evolve into the things that interest you. When something energizes you, there’s more emphasis on joy, on the energy of a happy life.

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