Affirmation: Dream Big.

In today’s post, “Affirmation: Dream Big.”, I will share some storytelling of my experiences and how I dreamed big and made life happen for me. It can for you as well. Are you ready to be inspired and motivated?


Do People Think Small?

Affirmation: Dream Big.

The answer is yes. Let me share a story. When I was born, I had a condition that limited my walking abilities. Back in the day, doctors would make a small girl where braces from the hips down to strengthen muscles. These metal contraptions were painful.

This was me, at two years of age, yet, despite dealing with this pain, I refused to limit myself to the mere thought that metal and pain could stop me. My favorite uncle to this day tells me of how I would just smile with it, and that I still wouldn’t stop being happy. He said; It was what made me his favorite niece, he was addicted to my bubbling happiness that poured from within me. Sheer determination was my calling.

Each day I celebrated life like I was rich! I hustled like I was broke.

Affirmation. Dream Big. Follow Your Dreams

Look at the picture above, the moon and a ladder leaning against it. Do you know how many people who get stuck on the first few rungs of the ladder of life?

Many do, yes, people limited by their perspective and not open to considering different points of view or open new ideas of this Affirmation: Dream Big.

Sometimes, their beliefs are fixed and there’s resistance to change to new information. Which can limit the ability to thing big or creatively. It’s sad, that with this type of thinking they can’t see the bigger picture or alternate solutions to ideas.

Another theory is fear, that they procrastinate because of it. That’s why it’s more important than ever to cultivate calm within us. So we can build a resiliency and have the attitude that we can navigate through uncertainty and overcome our struggles.

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Affirmation: Dream Big. Get Up & Hustle

Turn your dreams into reality by showing up every day.

Remember, when I shared my story as a two year old little girl determined to beat all odds. I learned early on to be a hustler, fighter, with so much passion for life. I was determined to show up for the bad days, the ugly days, and the amazing days. Relentlessly! I have fallen so many times, only to learn not to quit.

Showing up every day meant me being consistent and committed to a particular activity or goal. It meant me being involved… making a conscious effort to do something regularly and persistently, even on those days when I DIDN’T feel like it or only to face more obstacles. By doing so, I created a positive habit that lead me to progress and success over time.

YOU Can Do This Too!

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