Life Quote: Awaken

In this post, Life Quote: Awaken, as an author, I like to share my story of what inspires me to write poetry and life quotes like this one. One that put me on this path to pursuing helping people find inner peace and teach them how to reboot the brain.


Life Quote: Awaken

Shall I awaken you, dear soul, so you may watch the sun rise from the horizon. For there’s opportunities to be taken from ideas that occur before others, when you are present and your mind is fully alert and focused. – Linda J Wolff

Life Quote: Awaken, a Sleeping Soul

I can remember as a child waking to the sun giving me a gift. Yawning, I would look to where the sunlight started streaming in through the curtains my mother had made, it was then for the first time I saw them.

Those tiny little light particles filtering in through the small openings between each curtain piece. It fascinated me, rubbing my eyes, I thinking I was seeing fairy dust. But, it wasn’t, each particle of light offering more light to what once was a dark room.

One can only see if they have open themselves to awareness.

I sat there in awe, watching as each minute ticked by, and my room getting brighter. This effect, this amazing spectacle moved me inside. This energy filled my soul, and excitement moved through my veins, this tingling motivated me to rise, for there were opportunities to be taken.

In my house, there were eight of us, and respect was something my father and mother demanded. Yet, that didn’t stop the excitement that poured from my soul.

I opened the door to my bedroom, tip toed into the hallway, closed the door quietly behind me. I moved my way into the family room and out the back door I went.

Things happen in the quietness of dawn.

Wrapped up in my fuzzy pink robe, I sat on the edge of the steps, watched as the sun awakened the flowers, and the landscape that rolled out before me. Something moved from the corner of my eye, I slowly turned my head in that direction.

There she was, mama doe and her two little spotted fawns, she looked up at me, as if to say “Good Morning, little one.” Then, the nasty old rooster who would hit me with his spurs on my legs, shook his head and crowed. I laughed silently, saying to myself quietly, one day you will get yours, Mr. Cranky.

Yep, this was by far my most favorite time of the day, watching life wake up with me. For me, I didn’t want to miss this, it was my most magical time of the day. It was the start to greatness, a habit I took with me through my teenage years. Through my young adult years.

When I had married my second husband, we built a home together, and there was something I wanted, it was a wrap around deck around my home. So, I could wake before the sun and watch the particles of light stream again into my bedroom window.

I got my wrap around deck.

I would rise early with the sun and make a pot of coffee. Tip toe out the door, JUST sit on the steps. Sipping on a sweet cup of coffee, and I watched as the deer and elk would pop up their heads to say hello. We knew, we could coexist. There was a trust we had built. One where we respected one another.

One where we took opportunity to take in and enjoy everything there was to be. It’s where I learned that being open and fully present with your mind focused gave gifts.

Brainstorming happens in

the particles of light.

With each sip of coffee, ideas stirred inside my mind. I took those ideas and made something from them. My poetry book, Self-Healing Poetry & Quotes for Ordinary People was birthed and published.

In, Life Quote: Awaken, and my storytelling, I hope I have inspired you feel motivated and create habits that grow a lifetime of success.

Sending love and light your way!

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