Self-Care Tips for a Bad Day

In today’s article, Self-Care Tips for a Bad Day, I want to share some practices I use to find inner peace, especially when I am having a bad day. You see, I challenge myself every day. I do it because I don’t want to be the woman I was long ago.

Self-Care Helped Me Recognize Things About Myself.

I don’t want to speak or act like the woman I was back then, she was angry and resentful. She said things that were hurtful. She blamed others for the choices she made.

I did not like who I had become.

Below, I will share how I started my journey back home to me, to my inner child who needed nurturing and healing.

Self-Care Tips for a Bad Day

The hardest thing for me to do was admit to myself that I let my ego get in the way, and I was responsible for the pain that I caused to another human being, likewise to myself.

I’m sharing this with you because sometimes we can cause our own bad day. Would you agree? In my practice every day, I recognize that I cannot control what goes on in the world, or in other people. I came to recognize that I can control my thought process, and my actions.

So, when I feel my emotions releasing through me, how I react is everything. I will talk more about this later on as I grow my site Cultivating Calm Within.

Forgiving myself was one of the hardest things to do. Forgiving others was just as hard. But, there was learn and practice in loving myself completely.

Go For a Long Walk if Your Feeling Angry

My late husband used to say some really hurtful words. I remember a time when I had messed up and forgotten to pay a business invoice for our company. In a rage, he threaten to kill me if it had affected his business in any detrimental way.

Now my immediate reaction was to explode in the same volatile anger that he had reacted towards me. I felt attacked and threatened. But, I didn’t. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and my fanny pack that I take with me when I go for walks.

He wanted a reaction, but, instead, I told him I’m going out for a walk to cool off. So he could cool off. I walked down a path near my home on my acreage, I walked under overhanging maple trees, I opened myself to the sounds and to my soul.

The songbirds welcomed me, as if saying, you need to be here. The slight breeze made the trees talk as they rubbed against one another. Every minute that passed, I felt my energy changing, I felt me going back to my inner child and I held her hand. I was home.

Breathe Deeply When Feeling Anxious or Apprehensive.

Anxiety is a killer. I know, especially when life throws a bunch of challenges in front of you. Before, he passed, I made a choice to move on and start a new life, I begged for us to get counseling, but, he refused to believe he was partly accountable for the deteriorating relationship.

All blame was laid upon my shoulders. That’s when I found myself in an ambulance taking me to the hospital because I was having a small stroke, it’s when you come to reality that you need to make changes. See, anxiety is a killer, one needs to recognize that some relationships can’t be fixed. That’s a hard reality.

Believe me, I didn’t go back after the stay in the hospital. I stayed with my daughter a few days, then help came in on the support of other family. See, I believe in God and miracles. Because I was without a home or a car, but with faith. I found everything I needed then. Breathing deeply became an every day practice, because every day was a challenge. With every breath I found a new energy, to go on, to find courage to overcome.

See, when my late husband had passed, I began the life of a single mom raising my six year old daughter.

Write Down Five Things To Be Grateful For

This exercise kept me grounded, especially when all I wanted to do was fall apart. But, I would look at her, she was surviving because I was her strength, I watch her playing on her Samsung tablet. Flicking her fingers to some song she was listening to, wiggling her hips as if to keep a beat with the music.

Oh, how she brought joy to my life, and when she was sad missing her father. I would hold her and comfort her. I would write in my journal, how I was grateful for the small basement my uncle offered to us for free, how my mother-in-law gave her car to me, so I could take her to school and back home again.

How my brother-in-law would take us out for dinner once in awhile, how wonderful it was to have an amazing support from family members.

All the while those challenging times came and went, we both were grateful for the lesson of learning humility and love.

Exercise and Watching a Beautiful Sunrise

You can be broke and yet, also be rich. Those times when we were challenged the most, it took me place, when I would find myself walking along the shoreline with her, scavenging, looking for seashells, and little treasures.

Every step after step with our toes in the sand took us to letting go of our grief and heartache. Watching the sun set and feeling it’s warmth ebb its way into our souls.

It didn’t cost us anything, because we didn’t have a lot in the way of money. But, there was still joy to find and exercise as we walked a mile of that shoreline in all those days. It was there we found some inner peace, and we opened our hearts to it, authentically.

It was more than just self-care tips for a bad day, it was self-healing for a life time.

Promise me, you will use self-care tips for a bad day, practice in reconnecting with your inner child, okay.

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    Thanks for sharing a part of your life. Everytime a blogger shares a personal incident, it makes people feel less lonely and also inspires to move ahead in life despite every obstacle. Your self-care tips is what I needed at this point in my life.

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      Ranjana: I so appreciate your kind words, and Cultivating Calm Within is a lifeline for those who seek to fill the empty void we all have at times. I love sharing my life stories, if it helps soothe, or answers questions. That’s why I started this site and blog is so we can all relate in some way. God Bless!

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