Stillness is Power. Practicing Calm.

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There are three levels of stillness. But, how can we achieve these?

In today’s blog post: Stillness is Power. Practicing Calm, I will share some thoughts about cultivating calm within you and how by doing so you can harness that power and energy to transform your life into one of inner peace and living successfully.

What are the three levels of stillness?

Each of these levels hold value into the practice of calm and stillness.

  • Stillness of the Body.
  • Quietness of the mouth.
  • Openness of the Mind.

Stillness of the Body.

Staging your environment to practice in stillness is essential to the mind, body, and soul.

The stillness of the body requires a timeframe, schedule a 10 to 20 minutes of stillness. For me, mornings are the best time preferably before anyone else is up.

A cup of coffee, and my brown chair is my go to place. Find a place that resonates with you, maybe a park bench, or a dock by a lake, a back end part of the library…

Set a timer for down time set aside just for you, at least fifteen minutes a day.

Relaxing the body. Now that you are settled in your environment, let’s move on to the next step.

Quietness of the Mouth.

It’s kind of hard to be in the environment that you staged if the smartphone is on, if your friends are calling to want to chat, we must mute all notifications, remind yourself that you deserve fifteen minutes of stillness.

Get comfortable in a chair or on the dock with your legs hanging over the edge, rest your arms along side your legs and rest your palms on your thighs.

The only thing you should hear is your soft, deep breaths, exhale and inhale, exhale and inhale…

Openness of the Mind.

To be totally open with your mind, close your eyes, listen to the sounds around you depending upon where your staged environment is, do you hear the birds chirping, feel the soft air move along your skin, do you smell the odors around you, again depending where you are at in that moment. Be present, completely, let the thoughts of work slip from your mind, any issues you have been dealing with, that’s it, do you feel your mind, body, and soul letting go of everything.

Do you feel stillness is power?

In those fifteen minutes, while your muscles are relaxed, and your mind letting go, energy started flowing back into your body, stamina is trickling in. You open your eyes slowly and you feel refreshed, you are learning to return to reality.

Yet, you feel different, not in a bad way, but, like you’ve been supercharge, there’s this positive vibe that’s moving into you thoughts, and spirit.

A charge of excitement tingles within your skin. Do you feel it?

The Stillness of Tranquility

a small video for listening pleasure.

Reboot the Brain. Find Inner Peace. Drive Your Ambition. Live Successfully.

Stillness is Power. Practicing Calm everyday is you transforming your lifestyle.

Cultivating calm within is the practice in peace, stillness, and tranquility is how you give depth and balance to your world. Your level of awareness will change with every day you practice your stillness. Your sense of open spaces, sights and sounds, thoughts and emotions will rise and disappear.

Space itself will become immensely articulate as you pass through it.

May you find stillness.

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